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  1. Oshow348

    Tire recommendations for DRZ400s

    Bridgestone TW302/301.
  2. Oshow348

    Warp 9 wheels or Tusk?

    Check Wheeling Cycle Supply for SM Pro wheels. Around $900 a set.
  3. Oshow348


    Yeah, Barcia seems really uncomfortable on the bike!!! Same with Canard. Really, Reed??? It's always been something with him when things aren't going his way. I've noticed that if he isn't in contention for the win or a podium, he just rides around. He's full of excuses.
  4. If you need a new cylinder, why not go big-bore??? Athena or Cylinder Works.
  5. Oshow348

    Airbox DBUS fasteners?

    I used a small jewelers straight slot screwdriver to bend the tabs up. Just did three of them to get them off and then carefully bent them back. Worked just fine for me.
  6. Dungey's home track. Probably spending the night in his own bed in Belle Plaine. Can't bet against him.
  7. Oshow348

    Sport of MX and summer heat?

    If you're peeing clear, that doesn't mean you're hydrated. People die tragically all the time due to the heat of the summer. That doesn't mean they should stop doing it. What they could do is shorten the motos during races that have a high heat index. I came close to passing out due to dehydration and it scared the hell out of me. Last year at Millville, I left halfway through the race and I seriously thought that I wasn't going to make it back to the car. The AMA could require tests to see if you're properly hydrated to race, if such a test exists. This was a massive tragedy, but hopefully this will never happen again. I truly feel for his family and friends. So sad.
  8. Oshow348

    Drc edge tail light from ebay

    I got my turn signal brackets free from Wheeling. Had to hog out the holes to make my signals fit, though. Drilling the plate was no big deal for me, and I'm pretty anal about the looks of my bike!!!
  9. Oshow348

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    These guys have them in stock: http://www.stuntsteel.com/lithium-iron-battery.html
  10. Oshow348

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    This one: LFX09A2-BS12
  11. Oshow348

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    Just received my Shorai battery. Could not believe how light the box felt when I got it out of the mailbox. Packed very well, surrounded by the foam inserts that they include to make it fit in your battery box. Pic of the battery in the bike: Pic of the battery box after applying the foam: Extra foam on the battery holder to make it snug: The next three compare the size to a Moto Power battery, which is the same size as the stock battery. Remember, this battery is just under 1.5 pounds. The extra foam that I still had left: And to top it all off, they give you some stickers to make people wonder what the hell Shorai is: This battery fired up the bike in about 1 sec. after the initial intall and I haven't had an issue so far. No issues with the battery posts that were noted earlier. Highly recommend this!!!