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  1. nonisossose

    Davi.....He's Ready

    haha it's all good
  2. nonisossose

    Davi.....He's Ready

    the seat's not tall, you're short, that's whattup
  3. nonisossose

    Millsaps on Suzuki

    .. and you sir need to know that it's spelled everywhere!
  4. nonisossose

    Millsaps on Suzuki

    naah in sweden, not under rocks but more like hut's / shack's / cabana's or whatever u yankees call 'em
  5. nonisossose

    Millsaps on Suzuki

    Couldnt find anything here on the forum but looks like Millsaps is on a Suzuki now?
  6. nonisossose

    YZ250 -07 gear box failure

    now im not totally sure, it might be jumping on 4th as well, since we have winter here in sweden or i should say spring now, it was quiet a while since i rode it, anyways imma tear it down any day from now ✌️
  7. nonisossose

    YZ250 -07 gear box failure

    naah i think it has like 128hrs cirka yeah imma have to tear it down to localize the problem.hope it is an non expensive fix ✌️
  8. nonisossose

    New to 2 strokes

    nice looking yz, cant be to many hours on that one huh?
  9. nonisossose

    YZ250 -07 gear box failure

    Was doing motos the other day and my 3rd gear started to jump in and out, might be the gear dogs or something like that. anyone who had the experience of something similar on those bikes? sincerely
  10. nonisossose

    Is it Going to Be the KTM or the KTM?

    everybody was effin lucky tomacattack was hurt at the beginning and by that i include Villopoto also, even thogh he's not racing, the only reason he will retire is the fact of Eli Tomac!
  11. nonisossose

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    Honda CRF 450 2010 Before: Fresh of powdercoat: After with Mase replica grapix: And latest with the plastics i got from Ronnie Faisst mechanic Tony Jeske: Got the Ride engineering lowering linkage and Dirtstar rims with talon hubs and some aftermarket "nonamned" exhaust which probably are lousier than stock!
  12. nonisossose

    2010 450 Will not start?

    yeah i found it, it was on top of the head were the cam is. so i just have to order some parts and get back to wrenching
  13. nonisossose

    2010 450 Will not start?

    So i found the issue on my bike. Took apart the head and found out that one half of the valve cotter had come loose and the other part had gone twisted like vertically causing the valve not to close tight. further i found out that valve guide had a crack in it on the downside which has probably fallen down straight down into the cylinder causing bad marks on both piston head and combustion chamber. so i have my winters work sorted out sincerely
  14. nonisossose

    Newer 450 tranny problems

    I have an 2010 crf foofiveoo which i had to replace the gear drum on, has about 70hrs on it..
  15. nonisossose

    2010 450 Will not start?

    so i took the fuelinjection apart yesterday but as far as i could see it was not dirty or so. had some friend to me say that the only way to be sure the injector is cleaned is to leave it for a company close by who performs ultra sound cleaning. but what makes me thoughtful is that it compress lots thru the crankcase ventilation, but i dont know if its morr ot less than normal, but anyways..