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  1. memento mori

    License Plate Relocator / Fender Eliminator

    Good idea, I never thought of that.
  2. I burnt my pants as well. When you think about it, it's pretty outrageous they don't come factory fitted with some kind of guard. So much for German engineering lol
  3. Anyone have links & pics of their license plate relocator? I can't find anything on the net, husky after-market parts are a bit sparse I have a TE 511 (2011)
  4. memento mori

    Got my TE511 today :ride:

    Thanks. 2,500km is better than I imagined. Taking corners and round-a-bouts with them on the road and I feel I'm going to fall off. I'm taking it easy until I get used to them. When it's time for new tires I'll check them out.
  5. memento mori

    Got my TE511 today :ride:

    thanks for suggestions. another question; the tires I have on are proper dirt tires, can you still ride on the road with them? I have to ride about 10-20km to get to the bush trail. anyone ride full-time on the road with knobby tires, how long do they last?
  6. memento mori

    Got my TE511 today :ride:

    Picked up my bike 4 hours ago. Here it is HAd to take it for a quick blurt in the bush. thing is a beast. I was hardly giving it throttle and backend was sliding and front wheel came up a few times, dust clouds all over the place lol was fun. 32.6km on it so far. Just a couple quick questions. 1) is this hose meant to be hanging down? I suspect it is a drain hose of some kind but is it meant to be hanging down from underneath the bike? 2) Does this look normal? Where it connects to the bottom of the radiator the wire looks exposed, also the rubber lead is resting against the radiator, I should cable tie it somewhere?
  7. memento mori

    te449 Dual Sport

    '11 I don't know if they are selling '12 in Australia yet. Haven't seen any.
  8. memento mori

    te449 Dual Sport

    Just an update. After several weeks of careful consideration I have decided to splash out and spoil myself. Going down the bike shop in about an hour to put deposit and do the paperwork and come Tuesday next week I should be blurting away on my 511 lol
  9. memento mori

    te449 Dual Sport

    Thanks for replies. I have decided I want one, just need to sit back and wait a week or 2 to see if I'm sure about.
  10. memento mori

    te449 Dual Sport

    I've been thinking, if I go the Husky route I would need to learn to do my own services & checking valve clearances, I simply couldn't afford to pay someone to service it every 2 months. I ride 1,000km per month on my R1 so if I did the same on the Husky I would be looking at doing a service every 2 months roughly at a guesstimate of 100km per hour = 2,000km for 20 hours. Realistically what chances does a guy have of doing valve checks and shimming if required if he has no mechanical experience with either cars or bikes ? lol I've watched a few youtube vids of guys doing it and it didn't look to difficult but then again they obviously have experience doing it. So me getting a fun bike depends on my chances of doing services, what do you guys reckon, is it doable for a novice if he watches youtube vids and has manual?
  11. memento mori

    te449 Dual Sport

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Has given me a better idea at what I need to be looking for. It makes sense that a lighter engine bike will be working way harder and therefor the added maintenance schedule. hmmm dayum, I think I would want a light bike over a heavier less maintenance bike so I'll have to research if checking valve clearences is something I could achieve. I watched a few youtube clips on it and it doesn't look difficult to do the checking part. The husky is such a nice looking bike and danmed powerful. I'm so tempted to get it still
  12. memento mori

    te449 Dual Sport

    I'm thinking of getting the 449 or 511 but this maintenance is putting me off. My R1 only needs servicing every 8,000km and it's way more powerful and higher revving than a DS bike, are all Enduro/DS bikes so maintenance expensive? Is it something I could do myself? Oil & air filter is no problem but what about this getting valves done every 20hrs what-da-hell! is that something I could learn to do myself pretty quick or do I need to spend several years being a mechanic to know how to do? Are there any 4 stroke Enduro's that are like road sports bikes that don't need to be serviced so often?