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  1. I'd also love to know what people are thinking between the Husky 310 and KTM 350exc. I've had a real quick ride on both > here are my thoughts: The Husky 310 seemed like a lot more fun to ride, great little motor and bike felt nice and light. I found though it viabrated a lot at the footpegs while cruising and I was always searching for a 7th gear. I found it didn't really want to go faster than 80kmph, however fanging through the bush it was awesome The KTM had a super soft seat, hmmm, that seat was outstanding. The motor felt a little ordinary, perhaps not as snappy as the Husky. It rode nice and smooth but the front end almost felt too light, it felt like a steering dampner is a must. I suspect for anyone doing more open fire trials the slower Husy and viabration would turn riding bikes from fun to a bother. But then for a scream the Husky is the best. I like the Husky as not too many people have them where as every 2nd bike up North in Asutralia is orange. I wish I had more time on each bike so I could make up my mind between the two. My other additional challange is I currently have a Husaberg 450 and it is such a great bike which makes it hard now it is time to upgrade (a timber plank would be more comfortable on it than the current seat though).