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  1. VTvor

    VOR 503 SM won't start - no spark

    Klubko, Was that the original carb? Im not to familiar with the older vor's and was thinking of replacing my vhb38 non pumper with that carb.
  2. VTvor

    VOR 503 SM won't start - no spark

    Prolly a bit late on this topic but how did you like the PHM38? I am thinking of putting it on my en450. Was is a swap and did you have any issues?
  3. VTvor

    Vor en450 carb swap

    I have the stock dell orto and got a line on a new dellorto pwm38 or was it phm anyhow it was set up for ktm and is a pumper unlike the current one. I would go for the fcr swap but dont want to mess with the push pull and fuel tank mod. Looks like the new one is a single pull and should fit right in. Anyone ever do this swap?
  4. VTvor

    Selling my VOR

    Sad to hear:( I sold my en450 to get cash for a house downpayment and was heartbroken after thankfuly the guy rode it only twice and I was able to get it back a few years later. My wife has been instructed to bury it with me when I die!
  5. VTvor

    vor fork info

    Hello my 2002 en450 is in need of fork seals. I have the factory manual but no where does it state seal numbers or oil levels or oil viscosity. Has anyone torn these down before and have some general info on oil levels and seal numbers? These are the 46mm piolia/kayaba forks I know the 48mm's cross over to an older yz460 or something but no clue on the 46mm's. Cheers! Also searching for the right rear blinker assemby anyone know who made these?
  6. Jeff, Are you familar with Motoxotica? Dan has lots of parts I am pretty sure he had piston and ring sets for 450 and possibly a 530 a few months ago. I am not sure about the 501/3 pistons but I know the 450/530 ones can be sourced in the UK. Dan has been really helpful I always try him first. I am still using my stock piston as there was only very slight scuffing on the skirt. I am pretty sure if Dan cant get what you need Wossner pistons has some stock of most sizes. Dont quote me on this but I think the 450 and 530 share jugs and rings although the head, crank, piston, and con rods are different. Also can you post pics of your bike would love to see them! What is the scissor gear you have? are you talking about the cam drive gears? Also you do not need the cam timing jig if your carefull. Are you running the Dellorto carb? I will do my best to get those books to you asap although it might be a day or so I have painfully slow upload speeds at my current location. Please share them if you can! The only concern I have after my rebuild was the lack of adjustment on the axial play on the crank. Once you replace the stock junk ball style crank bearings with rollers you will find that the center race will have to be heated and then slipped on the crank stubs however when looking at the shop book for the later models that went to the rollers there is no spec on the play or spacers listed for adjustment. I took a look at some ktm and husabergs that use this same type of brgs and the use washers to tighten or loosen the play. I did find a small bit of shavings very small bit on the magnets very shiny not sure if they are from the mains or what but shes on her 3 oil change now and running like a raped ape!! I am not that worried about it anyways as when and if it does go south on me its gonna be 530 time!! Cheers!
  7. huskyfrk, Build came along nice bike has been running for a few weeks now I have just not been able to find the time to get all the pics uploaded and post them. 2002 sm501 sorry I am a bit lost there I did not know they offered a 501 in 02 however my experiance with vor is limited to the en and mx 450's and 530's. I do not have an 02 sm shop book but do have 02 en, mx 400-530 all 04 models and a 2001 400-503 book for all models I tried in another post to attach them but could not. Do you think you may have a 503 not 501? Anyhow send me a pm with your email and I can send you the pdf's. As far as upgrades i did the roller bearing swap and put the mx cam in not sure of the duration numbers etc but looks like the most of the sm models used the mx cams the shop books are great for checking on that stuff. I also reused my pistion and crank with no changes everything felt tight so I left it alone I do plan on working on getting a spare 530 or redoing mine to a 530 we will see how that works out might wait till winter or till this one lets go:(. Any specific questions about the build feel free to ask. Cheers!
  8. VTvor

    VOR Bucket shims

    Ride, No these shims look like buckets the shim it self has a bucket hole in the bottom of the shim the rocker arm touches it directly although after about 5 hrs run time I took a peek under the rear valve cover and everything looks good so far will be looking again soon. fingers crossed!
  9. VTvor

    VOR Bucket shims

    Vert, Hi I have an 02 ene450 mx cam and roller brg's all else stock still have the orig m12 on the rear! sounds like you have a nice collection there!! Have you ever done the main brgs on any of your newer vor's? I just did mine and was wondering what others used for the axial play settings for the crank?
  10. VTvor

    VOR Bucket shims

    Hey Vert, Well after posting I figured out it was a silly question all the shims must have been different due to factory tolerances. I have not yet found the same style shims for any other bike so far they seem to be solid and look like a watch battery. The vor has a hole on the underside roughly 6mm wide by 2mm deep that sits on the end of the valve. My solution was a long and painstaking task of hand lapping them to the exact size. I did have some worry about removing the case hardening if any however after about ten hrs more run time im gonna have a look and recheck the clearances.
  11. VTvor

    VOR 450 Motard Conversion

    Wow South Africa I would kill to take my en450 there! Must be some insane riding. There are some parts here in the usa and I know a few places in eroupe what are you looking for?
  12. VTvor

    02 Vor en450 teardown

    Actually I just finished up the motor last week and got it in the bike this past sat. Beast fired 3rd kick:) Still working out some jetting issues and a small oil leak at the head. Will be posting pics of the install as soon as I get some time. Way things go that could be a few weeks found some intersting stuff in there though.
  13. VTvor

    VOR: Possible flywheel/magnet solution...

    You might not want to do that take a look at the pics i posted seems they use rivets to attach the one way starter clutch to the flywheel. It's always something huh??
  14. VTvor

    VOR Bucket shims

    So I have a new MX cam going into the motor replacing the en cam. When I pulled her apart i could tell by hand the lash was a bit to tight so I know i will need smaller ones probably more so with the new cam can anyone help with the following? 1. The original size of the stock shim? The book does not say of course, and I cant get my gauge in the tiny hole to find out. 2. Any shims from other bikes that will fit? I can get some via mail but it would be a huge help if I could source them local I am within driving distance to just about every brand of bike dealer even the exotics. Thanks!!
  15. So a few days ago when tearing down my en-e450 I thought I would be slick and mark all the timing gears for ease of putting it back together. Well low and behold the crank gear was not keyed so I lost the cam timing:( Now best I can tell there are NO timing marks for tdc later model manual shows a small one on the case to match to the flywheel scribe but of course mine doesn't. My small collection of dial indicators wont lock into the plug hole so two questions. 1. Can anyone recommend a good indicator that will fit or.. 2. Alternate method of getting to TDC on the money? Thanks