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    ktm 520 needing a clutch

    ya well i think it is about time to replace and not just adjusting it because as fas as i know it is the stock clutch and i just had to put a new top end on it
  2. it is street legal and all. i alredy have a big dirt bike and a motorcycle i am just looking for a cheep bike i can ride to $hit and do stupid things on. is it very durably bike because once it trashes out ill probably just scrap it. and lastly i will probably show my friends how to ride and use this bike so if when they drop it i aint out of much. the guy wants 500 bucks for it. is it worth 500 for the hell i am going to put it throw
  3. coltonbye

    01 ktm 520 fork seals

    my fork seals are shot and i was looking at buying new ones and saw a Race Tech KTM Bladder Cap Kit. what is this and is it worth buying. here is the link http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&vehicleId=2380&navTitle=Suspension&webTypeId=129&webCatId=13&prodFamilyId=5854
  4. i have a 01 ktm 520 and when it is running in nutral i can put it in gear and it will jump a little and i can hear grinding in the clutch area. i know i am needing a clutch but should i just replace the disk or go the whole 9 yards and get a basket and all. i have no idea what brands are good for the price and what are crap. if yall had this bike what would yall do.