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  1. Erikje

    XR600 - carb overflowing

    Too bad, bike was sold yesterday before I got the chance to take a look. Guess I'll have to be quicker next time. Cheers, ERik
  2. Erikje

    XR600 - carb overflowing

    Well that mechanic thing won't be a big problem. I have another bike, a Honda CX500c, which I took the engine apart and replaced pretty much everything (except gear box, flywheel and pistons ). Then I drove it to the Ukraine and back, not all on tarmac. I've seen the insides of the carbs a few times so I have rough idea of how to clean them out. So we'll see how it goes and then I'll show some pics if I have it. Cheers, Erik
  3. Erikje

    XR600 - carb overflowing

    Thanks everyone for replying so quickly! I'll be checking the bike soon and hopefully it's all good as the seller says. Then I'll be riding it home using the on-off method for a good 100km, as much off-highway as possible. Otherwise I'd have to throw it in the back of a car (thanks for the tip Horri!). Well no fun in it if it's too easy isn't it? Cheers, Erik
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and have a question regarding an XR600r from 1985. Interested as I am, searching for an XR or XL 600, I found this 1985 XR600r in pretty good condition. Talked to the seller, he had the gear box replaced, piston fine, put on some road tires, big dakar tank at a reasonable price (500 euro's). The only thing is that the carbs are overflowing. What he said is that the carbs overflow and then gasoline goes into the piston wetting the plugs, therefore 'drowning' the engine (as we say in Dutch). I'm planning on going over to check it out. Getting there is not a problem but the main thing is getting the bike home if I'm buying it. I have no means to ship it to my place to fix it, I'd rather ride it home (~100 km). Is there a way to fix this problem on-site, to get it home and then fix this permanently? I thought jokingly of turning the fuel valve off and on while riding, when power would go down, but is there a better solution? Is there advice on this matter? Thanks in advance, Erik