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    Craigslist flakes?

    Put in the post "texts and emails asking if bike is available will be ignored. If post is up bike is available" "Low ball offers via text and email will be ignored" Doesn't eliminate all the idiots but does discourage a few. A few more good rules of thumb: -No one uses the phrase "kindly text me back", "kindly do this or that". If they do its a scammer most likely from outside of the US. -Offer of certified check is b.s. -Offer of payment before seeing bike is b.s. -Offer of having someone other than buyer coming by to look at bike usually b.s. -asking stupid questions that are in CL post usually b.s. Right after posting you get a huge wave of scammers, low ballers, and idiots. Resist the temptation and ignore all of these. I find it takes about two weeks for the post to be viewed by legit buyers. Unless you are in a rush to sell don't even respond. People truly interested in the bike will 1. do research online 2. have a reasonably good idea of value. 3. Take some of their "extremely " valuable time to actually come look at the bike prior to attempting to negotiate the price. I have sold/bought approximately 10-12 bikes on CL as well as hundreds of other items. Its a great resource mostly because its free but also have met some really good people on it. With one exception I have always spoken to buyers on the phone before meeting them. When in doubt McDonalds parking lots are great meet up places that are always busy. One last thing as you are taking cash go to Office Depot/Office Max and buy a counterfeit pen. Cheap insurance at $8 and takes seconds to confirm bills are legit.
  2. nigelq

    Is A Piston Upgrade Right For You and Your Four-Stroke?

    Great article from Paul as usual. Speaking from experience I would really think twice before going to a hi-comp piston. I ride an 01 KTM 520 EXC that the previous owner added the factory 570 stroker kit to. Nice bike but was virtually unrideable in tight woods/technical situations here in Colorado in the heat of the summer. Sure some of that may be due to altitude but a factory fan kit, coolant overflow tank, and oversize water pump later ($250+) the bike now runs very cool. Ironically I have a buddy with a stock '02-520 EXC (no cooling fan-no overheat issues) and I notice no difference between the two off throttle and in 1-2 gear riding. Sure my bike is scary fast 4-5-6 but who cares as I rarely ride in these gears. Just my .02.