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    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    I'm quite sure its starts with asking why quads hate dirbikes. I ride a bike (I don't have anything against quads I just feel more comfortable riding a bike) However, its the quad riders that complain about us dirtbikers. We are the ones that get screwed out of trail systems even though we have to register the same way and at the same price no less, and we can't even use them in a fraction of thenumber of places. We have way more restrictions because of quad riders (not saying ALL but majority rules don't it?) complain and want the woods to be nice and quiet and be out for a leisurely ride at 5mph. I don't understand why (well I do...ie. our government, it all seems to work the same way...rich, old, bored and complainy always wins) but we are not the only ones that have zippy riders, quads do too and do just as much damage if not more (2x's as many wheels) and im sure you all like to have your fun and a hell raising time, we all do! thats why we ride, otherwise you can just drive your car down some logging roads and sight see that way. Nobody buys any type of ATV to do 5mph, if you do stay in your own yard you tool! It's bothersome too, that they don't FIT on all of the trails (but they do anyway), and theres hardly a way to pass..if there is, that quad rider makes it out to be like somebody passing in a car on double soilds at 100mph after tailgaiting. NOT TRUE (most of the time I hope) but this is what they play it out to be like and why we get kicked out of the trails. Its supposed to be fun, supposed to ride hard (not reclessly or above your riding abilty) supposed to test yourself throught the tecnical stuff, try to jump, try to kick up the dirt. Just now adays it seems like quads are a "status" (nose up and stuck up) and run the dirtbikes out like we are deragned dogs with rabies. Thats why dirtbikers (the ones that do) hate quads. (my version anyway).