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  1. I had to make my own seat brackets, an adapter plate for the air box to air boot connection, an adapter plate for the left side mount, and some spacers for the top of the subframe. plastics- 2013 450f airbox- 2013 450f subframe- 2010 250f (same as 09-current 450f/250f)
  2. Alright, thanks guys. Edit: Would the factory settings on the 5920 be the same as the 6920? Also, if there is an owners manual for it, could someone give me a link to it? Ive looked on the Ohlins site, and can't find any manuals, but an ebay search turned up a couple of .pdf files for some of their other models. Either way, thanks for all the help.
  3. Ok. On the opposite side of the mounting bolt is the #SU 5920.
  4. I see. I'll take a closer look at it once I get home
  5. So on the top of the shock body, right by the mounting bolt is the # 301339. It also has "DR1" engraved into the body.
  6. Awesome! Thanks!
  7. So my brother just got an 06 rm250, and it came with an ohlins shock on it. We've been trying to set the suspension back to the factory settings and go from there, which was easy on the forks, being they are still the oem showas. I don't know where to begin on the shock though, as I don't even know what model it is. Ive been looking up some stuff on the ohlins website, but I haven't really found a match for what we have. I might just give them a call tomorrow, but in the meantime, I thought I would post up some pictures of it to see if anyone here could I.D. it.
  8. Hadn't even thought of that. Thanks!
  9. So, As the title says, I am in need of a 05-07 kx250 frame.I know its a long shot, but if anyone has one they would like to get rid of, please pm me with a price.
  10. Blowsion is good, but a lot of times very expensive. If I were you, I would check out the PWCToday classifieds. There are always some good deals there. Forgot to mention, a stock SXR impeller works really well to if you switch to dual carbs, and you might consider switching to a single 40mm Keihin or a 38mm sbn Mikuni. In your case, I would stay with a single carb as they produce better bottom end. PWCToday has their own online store as well, so you might want to check them out. I try to get stuff used though (except for reeds) as many times there are lightly used parts for sale way below retail.
  11. Mine was repaired with my patella. Mine took about 6 months for recovery, although the front of my knee was quite sore for about 2 years. I had mine done in July of 2010, and haven't had any problems as far as re-injuring it. I race hare scrambles in SC and NC, ride standup jet skis, and ride mountain bikes. I would say my repaired knee is just as strong now, if not stronger than my other knee.
  12. You can have the head decked and still run 93. I would look at pwctoday and see how much material people are taking off. As for reeds, If the reed blocks are in good condition, just change the petals. Most people suggest the skat-trak 9-17 for the 750sx. Before getting a pipe, I would get a lightened flywheel. It will help it rev up quicker, and paired with the 9-17 impeller, the ski should come out of the water better. Also, swap the 750sx steering nozzle for a 650sx nozzle. I have one on mine and it helps a bit. As for pipes, a Factory B-Pipe would be the best, but also the most expensive. a coffmans, westcoast… will be good too, just not as good as a factory pipe. Ive got a jetinetics charging aluminum flywheel off of my ski for sale if you want. Its more expensive than a lightened stocker, but its also a whole lot lighter. Stock one weighs 4 lbs. 8 oz. This one weighs 2 lbs. 11 oz. Ive got it on the pwctoday classifieds if you're interested.
  13. No problem. For me, the braces fit "ok" with the stock tank, but there was absolutely no way with the big tank. Im not sure those braces do a whole lot anyway. I took a good tumble into a tree a little over a year ago and the left brace was folded up like a taco, and my radiator was all twisted up. If anything I will get Devol guards next time.
  14. I gotta say I liked Langston's commentary and was it was a nice change from the last 5 months of Sheheen screaming.
  15. That is the IMS in the picture. It is a good bit wider on the top. It was a PITA to get the shrouds to bolt to the radiators though. I ended up having to remove the WC radiator braces, and it was still pretty difficult to bolt up the shroud. The seat cover is from MotoSeat. I think its called the Fortify. There is a canvas patch where your knees rub most often.