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  1. Ok thanks, where does that sit on the bike?
  2. Hi, I have a 1979 yamaha dt 175 and it keeps blowing bulbs, I have tried 2 bulbs now and on idle the light workls fine (including high beam) but as soon as i rev it up the bulb blows. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I live in the UK so postage would probably be quite expensive but thanks for the offer , and thanks for the comments.
  4. Hi, I just bought a 2001 yamaha yz 125 and the kickstarter and shaft are well worn and I was looking to get hold of a new one. Does anyone know any cheap websites for yamaha parts where I couild find one? Thanks
  5. Is the gear problem a major problem or is it an easy fix?
  6. Great!, Thanks for the comments
  7. Hi!, I'm am looking to buy a 2001 yamaha yz 125 and i was trying to do a bit of research in to them. Does anyone know of any problems or common faults with this model and year? Thanks
  8. yeah i mean 250f, would prefer a four stroke to be honest. At the moment I have a 1979 yamaha dt 175 but i have ahd experience with other bikes.
  9. I am actually looking to ride at my local mx track as i live in England so my trail riding options are limited. Thanks for the advice though and i will try to persuade my dad to chip in on a 250! Thanks
  10. I was wondering whether to get a crf150 or a 250?, I am about 6"1' and about 185lbs but i am not a very experienced rider. Any advice?