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  1. Totally believable. Great job whoever did that. NC
  2. Pretty close. If the new vehicle does NOT meet California standards and has fewer than 7,500 miles it cannot be registered. But if it does meet California standards you are okay. Now maybe any vehicle sold in, say, Arizona, will automatically NOT meet California standards and you would be correct. On that part I am not certain. And rest assured, I am NOT a fan of any of California's politics. NC
  3. This is one of the trails I think I remember if not by that name. Somewhere in the area of the "lower pit" I can remember a trail where there was a cable about a foot over the trail on a tough rocky uphill section. The cable was about a foot off the ground but it wasn't like it was on a level trail as the trail was off-camber. I remember having to flip my bike over it and sat there gasping for air. I subsequently turned around. I also remember drinking out of the streams higher up. Those were the days. NC
  4. Of course BYOB is ALREADY closed for MY 2018 390RRS. It must be a "we sold that container and won't have more for six weeks" type of closure. I'll check back. NC
  5. Back in the good old days of Reiter Pit, there were two main staging areas. The lower pit area and the upper pit area. The upper pit had a large sandy side hill popular with Jeeps and quads. The lower pit is where most people staged out of. I believe the upper pit area is basically where Reiter Road junctions with NFS road 6010. I think you could grab a trail near the end of 601 and walk out to the Index wall which I never did. But I do remember an old logging or mining bride up hear that was consisted of not much more than about four huge tree trunks laying side by side. I remember thinking I could easily make it across on my 1986 TT350. Halfway over I had second thoughts but had no choice but to keep going. If memory serves me correctly you could simple ride across the creek/river about twenty feet down from where this bridge was. I am sure this has long since been closed since the "changeover" to Reiter foothills. Going back to the lower pit, if you rode towards the end up the lower pit area like you were about to get on Reiter road and head to the upper pit, a road went off to your left. The road passed through a clearing and then branched off into another road to your right. If you stayed on the main road you would hit what I think was May creek. If you crossed the creek you could connect to a boulder strewn trail that went to Lake Isabel. My question is about the road that went to the right. If you took this road which quickly turned into gravel single track, you would go around a couple of easy switchbacks and near the top pass what I remember to be an old school bus that got shot up. There was an old mine adit at this location and if you continued down the trail you passed a second mine as well. Beyond this second mine the trail got pretty technical and I never did follow through to its completion. However, it was headed towards the same May Creek area but at the point of the two mine shafts, was higher in elevation. I don't have any pics of the area but was wondering for nostalgias sake if anyone else remembers this part of Reiter pit? Google maps doesn't help much as the trails were all hidden by trees and of course now you can't ride most of them anyway. This is also WAY before digital photography so if anyone does have images scanned it would be fun to reminisce. I never went back inside those mines but on one occasion saw a bike parked out front of the second one and was relieved to see it's owner walk out from the mine. The front of one of the mines had a wooden timber border but the second one looked more like a cave. Once you got close to the second one and looked back into it you could clearly see it had been mined and was not a natural cave. So if you happen to have any pics from this area please post them. NC
  6. Without reading any of the other posts here, I hope Beta remains a niche player and never goes mainstream. I really liked the 2004-2010 Husqvarna 4 strokes. I owned at least six of them and know all their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe the new Yellow/White/Blue KTM's are a better bike but they are no longer a unique niche player. I hope Beta maintains that. I ride for the hell of it and don't care if they have zero MX presence or World Enduro Title. Their bikes are plenty competitive and they don't need to sacrifice reliability just to be ten pounds lighter. I hope to buy a Moto Guzzi after the first of the year. If they suddenly were acquired by say, BMW, they would lose their appeal. Yeah you might get a more powerful, more technologically advanced BMW engine in your Moto Guzzi but you have lost all that made that Guzzi special. If I want a BMW I'll buy one. If I want a KTM I'll buy one. But right now I want a Beta because it isn't mainstream. It isn't like they are making air cooled XR400 clones. They are fuel injected four strokes and the current bike will be great for years to come with only minor annual changes. NC
  7. Nice. I missed out on a BYOB 2017. I hope to change that for 2018! NC
  8. Does the RR-S have open chamber forks or closed chamber? I should know but don't. NC
  9. I must have missed this unless you are being a smart alec. Do all the bikes come street legal now? The plastic on that bike does say RR-S but I am also out of the loop on the 2018's. NC
  10. Nice looking RR-s. From this angle you can hardly see the lighting equipment. I thought it was an RR-R at first. NC
  11. Which model? NC
  12. Have the four strokes started showing up as well? NC
  13. Awesome! This is my back yard but I still don't have a single track bike. Once I sell my big ADV bike I hope to pick one up and get back to single track in the PNW. Beta sold out of the bike I wanted so I have to wait until 2018. Any of the bridge builders local to Spokane? NC
  14. Washington

    Still waiting to see if Beta USA can get me a 390. I'll let you know as soon as I get one. NC
  15. Washington

    Do you have one of those SPOT or DeLorme Satellite tracking devices? I have one and it does provide peace of mind. How many days to you plan for your trip? NC