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  1. Washington

    Still waiting to see if Beta USA can get me a 390. I'll let you know as soon as I get one. NC
  2. Washington

    Do you have one of those SPOT or DeLorme Satellite tracking devices? I have one and it does provide peace of mind. How many days to you plan for your trip? NC
  3. So the BYOB program is closed for a 2017 390RRS. My left foot has not adequately recovered from surgery to ride and I am pissed about that. But if it finally gets better next month I am out the bike I want. So has anyone ridden a 430 and a 390 back to back? I really like the idea of the 390 having a lighter feel and the longer stroke engine says a torquier less hyper motor. Less hyper than the 430 but not to say the 430 is all that hyper to begin with. I'll scour local dealers today to see if anyone has either one available. I can't BYOB a 390 but that is life when you procrastinate. I also think the 390 might run a little bit cooler but so much of overheating is dependent on riding style. NC
  4. Washington

    Are you going to dirt bike that route you are talking about? I don't have a dirt bike yet but will hopefully man up and buy a new Beta 390 this week. I live in Spokane and love the central Cascade mountains for dirt biking or just two track exploration. NC
  5. Washington

    Can you post a link to your ADVrider thread? NC
  6. Washington

    23 days on a dirt bike? You da'man! I could do that with my bike in the truck but not sure about being on the dirt bike for long mileage days for 23 days straight. Still trying to talk myself into a new 2017 bike. Been off "dirt bikes" since shoulder surgery in 2012. Lot's of street and ADV time and made it to Alaska last summer. Your pics are helping to convince me to get a new Beta/Sherco/TM/WhateverIWantWhenI'mReadyToSpendTheMoney. NC
  7. Washington

    How far from Spokane? I don't recall if St. Joe is just about 4th of July Pass or much further south. NC
  8. Washington

    So where in the world, Google says CA, can you still find an ice covered lake this time of year? NC
  9. How much lower is the Seat Concepts seat? NC
  10. Thanks for the update and glad you are progressing. Positive thoughts for your continued recovery. NC
  11. All my carbed four strokes have had really black plugs. I have never checked any of my EFI bikes. I figure black means rich and if I am not fouling plugs, a little richer is better than too lean. NC
  12. Beautiful! My left foot still hurts from surgery back in February. I still have not ordered a new 390RRRRSSSSS and it may be too late now. Glad you got yours. NC
  13. Are you the same DR.billZ who used to be BIllKX250 from like, 20 years ago?  I always wondered if you were duneman from rmd or some other antiquated web site from the 1990's.  I used to post back then and once in a while run into an old handle.  Still trying to find dynodave who was a Maico fanatic.


  14. At any given rpm the 390 will have higher piston speeds but the 350 can rev higher so max piston speed won't be much different and since the the 390 won't need to rev as high, the actual piston speed won't be much different. To illustrate, you may ride the 350 at 7,000 rpm and the 390 at 6,000 rpm. Both will have the same power output at this rpm because the 390 makes more torque and won't need to be revved as high to do so so I don't think piston speed will be an issue. My rpm's are just to illustrate but I think the point is made. NC
  15. Sounds like the 390 is a little better choice. Never heard of the trans lab loop. Is that doable on a big, heavy ADV bike or is it more of an off-road course that suits a 99% dirt bike like the Beta RS models? NC