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    JS7, the silence is broken

    I want to believe he is coming back and certainly he is young enough to do so but only for about two more years. If March 29 comes and all he does is say, "Yeah, I am now 100% retired," it will be very disappointing. There is no reason to hype a retirement announcement three years after you stopped racing. It makes more sense to just say it via a tweet or instagram post. Given that it isn't logical to hype your announcement that you retired three years ago I am going to assume something bigger is going to be announced. If it is anything other than a return to racing it will be a let down. A movie about his life? We would have heard about it by now. A new reality tv show, only if it is about his comeback and not his everyday life. If he blows this opportunity to do anything other than to return to racing, even if just a farewell tour, he'll only take a hit to his reputation and legacy. NC
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    Famous People Who Ride

    I have heard he is pretty down to Earth and also takes good care of his dogs. Hate to say it but a man who respects his dogs and his dirt bikes has to be okay . . . Not that he wouldn't have been anyway. NC
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    Famous People Who Ride

    Zombie thread to say RIP Luke Perry who is pictured on page 2 sitting on a CRF. Dead at 52 from a stroke. While 52 isn't crazy young it is pretty young to have died from a stroke. NC
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    Gearing for a new 2017 390

    I just re-read the review of the 2011 Beta 400 by Motorcycle-USA and they mention the bike came with 13/48 gearing. This is for the RR bike of that era. The new 2017 Beta 390 RRS comes with way taller 15/50 and I cannot see anything on the site for which sprockets come on the RR. I'll ride tight woods and have to assume I need at least a 14 tooth countershaft if not the identical 13/48 the original bike came with will prove to be ideal. Now maybe internal ratios are different on the new bike but since the RRS has to be street legal and most companies gear a bike up to keep noise down, I bet this is not the case. 1) Can anyone confirm what the gearing is on the RR-R model? For those that have a 390 with the super tall 15/50 gearing have you re-geared? Thanks. NC
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    supercross Way to go Chad Weed

    Now change your name to reflect your sponsor. 😂😂 NC
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    What really happened to Emig?

    He is getting better I don't know how you cannot see that. That doesn't mean is necessarily all that good as he still has a long way to go but he has improved. NC
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    The New GOAT

    Jeremy was so much faster than EVERYONE he raced he clearly had incredible raw speed/talent. He performed at a level nobody before him did and it took years for anyone to come close. He had the speed of James Stewart (Stewart arguably the fastest racer on any given night but too inconsistent) and consistency of Ryan Dungey. The only reason McGrath MIGHT not to have been able to compete with Stewart or Villopoto is because they had to up their game to a new level thanks to some kid named . . McGrath. And we also know that MC started to get a bit soft later in his career when he went SX only. But he had the heart of a champion and we'll never know how much faster he could have ridden if he had more competition. NC
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    What really happened to Emig?

    1) RC has gotten a whole lot better since the season began. 2) I think he has less chemistry with Ralph Sheheen than Emig did. Emig seems more easy going and I sense far more friction between Sheheen and RC than Sheheen and Emig. Even when Emig and RC would banter it was good natured as they were both racers. When RS and RC butt heads there is no natural decline in the tension. Maybe that will go away with time. I watch every round of MXGP and enjoy the races where Emig announces with Paul Malin (I think that's correct.) NBC probably figured it was cheaper to get rid of Emig, bump RC up to the booth and have Daniel Blair trackside. But like someone else mentioned, years ago there was one "dirt bike race" on tv and it was the super bikers. Good like trying to watch it if you were a kid in the household. I would try to catch motor week to at least see highlights of each race and if I miss that, grab a copy of Cyclenews. Now we get each race live? I don't care who the announcers are. NC
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    Reed's censored sponsor

    So when will Chad Reed change his name to Chad Weed? NC
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    Peick Injury

    Been away for a while but it is absolutely NOT A FACT THAT HE IN THE HANDS OF GOD! You cannot prove he is the hands of God it is merely your perspective. Why didn't Jesus Christ Superstar hold him in his hands and prevent the wreck in the first place? Weak minded Christian. Too bad you cannot think for yourself and make your own decisions and have to thank your deity for everything in your world. I give myself the credit for the good in my life and accept the blame for the bad. So many phony people claim to be Christian and yet they only try to convert me to validate their own decision to not do anything with their life. Apparently setting goals and achieving something on your own is too difficult so many of you choose to serve and just throw away your earthly existence. And finally, don't lay your Christian horse-shit on me and tell me I'll burn in hell. He's your God and their your rules, you burn in Hell! LOL. The agnostic NC.
  11. NumberCruncher

    Peick Injury

    Bringing your religious viewpoints into this thread is as inappropriate as my response to you which is why I am not sending it via a PM. Touche! If your Jesus Christ is so God-awfully awesome, why did he let this happen in the first place? I have always wanted to ask a Christian that. I am agnostic. To quote the song Tom Sawyer by Rush, "Though is mind is not for rent, to any God or Government . . . " That line sums me up perfectly. NC
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    Peick Injury

    Yeah but EVERYTHING in Switzerland is crazy expensive. I took an extended tour of Europe this past summer and made the mistake of having laundry done. In Germany 5 Euros and they washed all my dirties for me. Given that I was on a motorcycle is wasn't that much to wash. So in Switzerland I just asked for it to be done without asking about the cost. The bill, $60 dollars. Each T-shirt, $5 each. Shorts, $10 each. I left Switzerland after three days as I was going broke. Beautiful country, great people but the cost of living is through the roof and I don't know enough about the entire system to figure out how it works. Met a fellow rider as I got close to Monaco and he got pulled over for speeding in Switzerland. He was going in excess of 100 mph (not kph). They had him on the side of the road for about 20 minutes. They handed him a citation for $3,500 and said we either take your VISA card or you, to jail. He handed over his card. Having said all this I don't talk much about health care as it seems way too complicated and yet how can it be so expensive???? NC Edit: And yeah the bill says Lingerie you potential pervs but that is just what they call all laundry. Four shirts at 6, not 5 and two shorts at 10. Crazy man!
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    Peick Injury

    RacerX just posted an update. The first surgery to repair damage done to the nose, eye sockets, shattered jaw and jaw disengagement from the skull on both sides was successful. He is under mild sedation to help with what they describe as the tremendous pain he is enduring. I can only imagine. NO BRAIN OR SPINAL CORD DAMAGE. FULL RECOVERY EXPECTED! That is the good news. What really pisses me off is the reported medical costs. Road2Recovery says his medical flight back to the US will cost $104,000. Yes, $104,000 just to fly him home. What a bunch of bullshit! How much money are people making off his situation?????? If I ever won the lottery I’d buy a small business jet and fly people like him for free to their home countries. Charging $104,000 for a ten hour flight just fries me. If he is on a respirator that is one thing but if he merely needs a wheel chair to get him on the plane then wheel him into first class after giving him a handful of hydrocodone pills. I am sure it is more complicated than this but I still can’t believe the ridiculous costs involved. NC
  14. NumberCruncher

    Peick Injury

    Regarding the $$$, he is probably on his own depending on what medical insurance he has. If for none other than humanitarian reasons, France will likely do any repair work that is needed until he is stabilized and can fly home. I doubt France will have any way to collect money from him other than to send him a bill whereas in the US they could come after his assets. If he needs ten surgeries, I can see where the doctors who do the first four (say it takes four to get him stabile) would prefer to do the next six as they performed the first ones and know what they are working with. I hope the next couple weeks sees rapid improvement. And it will be interesting to find out what actually happened as this is the first injury of this type and severity that I am aware of. It did look like his helmet or face area go landed on by the other bike but it’s tough to make that call based on the footage seen so far. NC
  15. NumberCruncher

    Peick Injury

    I thought the same but maybe they saw something so bad they had to move him to save his life. And if his jaw was completely gone, there may have been nothing to brace the collar that normally fits snugly underneath the chin/jaw area. NC
  16. NumberCruncher

    Peick Injury

    Agree that if anyone can come back it will be Weston. 👍 I don't want to belittle his situation but if his injuries are mostly cosmetic he'll have to decide if the risk is worth it. Now if he loses some racing ability from the injuries it will be a different situation. I am still amazed with Roczen's comeback so who knows; especially at this early stage. The drug induced coma is one I know nothing about. Why do they want you like that? + thoughts Peick and family. NC
  17. NumberCruncher

    Peick Injury

    I have watched the crash footage and have seen worse many times. The Anderson crash at the MX of Nations looked a lot more terrifying to me. I thought I just watched Anderson die when he took that hit to the head. The Peick crash footage doesn't LOOK all that much different from many second turn incidents. Think making it through the first turn unscathed and then after accelerating out of the 2nd turn you get out of shape and tumble in that section. We have all seen that many times and nothing bad happens. In this case Peick got landed on and even that is "somewhat" common. However he isn't moving once his tumbling stops and is immediately placed on a stretcher. And I watched the footage prior to learning how bad the injuries were. One angle from way across the stadium looks very benign but the other footage from closer to the crash is pretty scary. I won't watch it again knowing the outcome. The fact that the first surgery will allow him to breathe through his neck has me convinced he must have had a chest tube in place. THAT sounds really bad. But I suspect reports indicating no brain damage must relate to the amount of time it took get him breathing again and they were concerned with oxygen starvation. No spinal cord injury and no brain damage are good signs so hopefully he'll recover fully with minimal visible signs. I have seen news footage of folks who got in really bad car wrecks and it took talented plastic surgeons to get them looking pretty close to normal but many times they do just that. Fingers crossed Peick comes out well. NC
  18. NumberCruncher

    Peick Injury

    I was about to post the same thing you did. It has been reported he is currently in a drug induced coma and has "no less than" ten major fractures to his face. He is swollen and unrecognizable. The first surgery has already been performed so he can breathe through his neck. He was sedated as soon as he left the track. It must have been REALLY bad. I cannot believe it is so given that he had a full coverage helmet but maybe the frame rails from Souberas (sp?) bike crushed the helmet. Best wishes to Peick and his family and towards a full recovery! Anyone know how to start a gofundme for Weston Peick? NC From his Fiance's Instagram Post: Thank-you for all your thoughts and prayers for Weston and I as he recovers from this awful crash. Updating is extremely difficult because I prefer privacy right now, but the outpouring of concern and questions deserves some insight. Weston has no less than ten significant facial fractures. The first surgery was spent rebuilding his jaw so he could breath through his neck. He was cut open extensively and once he awakens from an induced coma he will be in tremendous pain. He is swollen and bruised so badly that his face is unrecognizable. The road to recovery will be long and painful. More surgeries will be needed. Recovery has only just begun. We are in France and the language barrier is making things even more difficult. I am as broken as he is. 💔 There are no words to describe the pain.
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    Beer Falls - Tri-Cities

    I learned to ride a dirt bike while living in Richland, Washington. We lived way out by Badger Mountain and used to ride our bikes to a place called Beer Falls. A large drain piped dumped water into a large creek area that was popular for teen parties, hence the name beer falls. I imagine it is closed down by now but I thought I would check in to see if any one from the Tri-Cities remembers this place. Had I not moved away, I would have graduated from Richland High in 1988. I am thinking about moving back to that area and after visiting over Memorial Day weekend, I got to thinking about all the places we used to ride over there. Good memories. Greg
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    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Stelvio Pass in Italy. I'll be home soon. Taking an ADV bike tour but that shot was kinda cool so I figured I'd post it here. NC
  21. NumberCruncher

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Had to show this one off to someone. I am from the PNW but this image is not. Too bad. It's so freakin' cool I posted it here anyway.
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    Sharp pain in base of both thumbs

    I have had sharp pain in the base of both thumbs that has gotten progressively worse over the past year. In prior years the pain was sporadic but it has been pretty consistent the past year and especially the past six months. I had a cortisone shot which did nothing. The doctor took an X-ray and said it could be early arthritis in the base of the thumb. Naturally I don't want to hear that but the pain is getting worse. The internet says this condition is much more common in women over 40 than men and I fall into the latter category at the age of 48. I had hoped it was Dequerveins tendinitis which supposedly doesn't respond all that well to cortisone as it is the sheath of the tendon and not the tendon that has issues. I have no stiffness in the joint and I cannot feel any bone on bone but then again I don't know what bone on bone should feel like. I tend to think I should feel scraping and pain. When I first get up in the morning I'll sometimes get a crack from the left thumb if for some reason I wrap my left hand around my right wrist and squeeze my left hand. I have decided to get back into guitar playing which isn't helping but ironically doesn't seem to aggravate the situation all that much either. I'll go back to my hand doctor in the next week or so and see what he wants to do but I shudder to think that at 48 I'll have to spend the next twenty to thirty years not only in pain but unable to ride a motorcycle or play guitar. There seems to be many different surgeries to correct this and none of them sound all that appealing. Fusing that joint and losing all mobility? I don't think so. If Dr. Mark or another Orthopod here has any advice I would appreciate it. NC
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    Sharp pain in base of both thumbs

    Thanks Twinstar. I have heard that aspartame isn't the best for you but I think diet soda has now gotten away from that although the new product probably has something worse in it. Still it bares further investigation. NC
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    Marvin Telling It Like It Is!

    Totally believable. Great job whoever did that. NC
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    Time Travel: Reiter Pit 1980's

    Back in the good old days of Reiter Pit, there were two main staging areas. The lower pit area and the upper pit area. The upper pit had a large sandy side hill popular with Jeeps and quads. The lower pit is where most people staged out of. I believe the upper pit area is basically where Reiter Road junctions with NFS road 6010. I think you could grab a trail near the end of 601 and walk out to the Index wall which I never did. But I do remember an old logging or mining bride up hear that was consisted of not much more than about four huge tree trunks laying side by side. I remember thinking I could easily make it across on my 1986 TT350. Halfway over I had second thoughts but had no choice but to keep going. If memory serves me correctly you could simple ride across the creek/river about twenty feet down from where this bridge was. I am sure this has long since been closed since the "changeover" to Reiter foothills. Going back to the lower pit, if you rode towards the end up the lower pit area like you were about to get on Reiter road and head to the upper pit, a road went off to your left. The road passed through a clearing and then branched off into another road to your right. If you stayed on the main road you would hit what I think was May creek. If you crossed the creek you could connect to a boulder strewn trail that went to Lake Isabel. My question is about the road that went to the right. If you took this road which quickly turned into gravel single track, you would go around a couple of easy switchbacks and near the top pass what I remember to be an old school bus that got shot up. There was an old mine adit at this location and if you continued down the trail you passed a second mine as well. Beyond this second mine the trail got pretty technical and I never did follow through to its completion. However, it was headed towards the same May Creek area but at the point of the two mine shafts, was higher in elevation. I don't have any pics of the area but was wondering for nostalgias sake if anyone else remembers this part of Reiter pit? Google maps doesn't help much as the trails were all hidden by trees and of course now you can't ride most of them anyway. This is also WAY before digital photography so if anyone does have images scanned it would be fun to reminisce. I never went back inside those mines but on one occasion saw a bike parked out front of the second one and was relieved to see it's owner walk out from the mine. The front of one of the mines had a wooden timber border but the second one looked more like a cave. Once you got close to the second one and looked back into it you could clearly see it had been mined and was not a natural cave. So if you happen to have any pics from this area please post them. NC