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  1. I've ridden 125 bikes indoors and they are very small and I can literally pick them up and throw them around. Also the suspension is just WAY too plush for my weight.
  2. We are in exactly the same boat. I have a CRF 150F set up for indoor SM. I actually took it out on the outdoor track yesterday and it was fun but just not built for a MX track. I was told not to get a 250 because they tend to blow up. I would be riding fairly slowly following my son half the time.
  3. 1. Provide your height, weight and skill level I am 5'9" 225lbs have ridden quite a bit of super moto (indoor) and roadracing. No real dirt experience 2. Specify your price range if that's a limiting factor Would like to keep cost under 3500 for a used bike 3. Describe the terrain types & conditions the bike will be ridden in. Would be riding trails and a few local tracks. Possibly budds creek in md once I get my skills up. 4. If you're changing bikes, what did you have previously and what do you want the new bike to do differently? Nothing currently. I was considering a CRF 450 but not sure if that would be too much bike to begin with. Thanks