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  1. only problem with tusk kit is that im from uk so it will be just over two weeks wait for postage..what i can get hold of is ebc clutch kit or from a ktm dealer
  2. i have just blead the clutch..still does the same. so i will inspect the plates. but im going to buy new one if im going to take the old ones out
  3. yeah it does happen when the engine/tranny is completely warm.not sure what gear oil im using becuse i have not replace it. i have not had the bike that long,,it did not do this when i first got the bike
  4. might give the clutch a bleed 1st
  5. the other day my clutch started draging its not that bad to pull me along.when the clutch lever is fully in the engine some times stalls and i is ajusted all the way in on the clutch lever.. what could this be ?
  6. yeah i think 1mm max would do it
  7. its a keihin carb if the carb is up side down would i bend the tap up to down to lower the fuel hight in the bown
  8. float is not stuck..how would i lower the float level what bit would i bend the needlel or the part on the float
  9. just bought a exc 200 and it a realy good bike so much more power than i thought it would have the probem just started today is when the bike is running on the side stand fuel is leaking out of the lowest pipe on the carb any know what this could be thanks
  10. 2000 aprilia rs 250,,,,,,and sold the drz so now looking for a 2 stroke ktm
  11. yeah newer would be better becuse they are the same price here is a picture of the egs only diference i can see is the oil botle and clear tank
  12. the only difference i can see with the egs is it is auto lube and has a bigger fuel tank. i have never heards of the egs untill now
  13. what one should i get both same price egs is 2001 and exc is 2004 is there any difference between the two i know the egs is auto lube thanks james
  14. i was thinking to buy a 125 and keep the drz..and see how i would get on with a smaller bike
  15. only time i go on road is to get to the byways and woods...so more off road