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    all we need is some clever bugger to duplicate this. http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/1976/TT500C/EXHAUST/parts.html
  2. gutzi


    yes ,the more people looking the more chance of finding a solution. jusifying the expense to you or the misses?
  3. gutzi


    thanks for your reply,can you imagin how many of those exhaust where tost out
  4. gutzi


    after racing my 500c for many years have decided to restor to original . my problem is the original exhaust ,where can i get one or have one made. i live in brisbane australia.
  5. gutzi

    F5 350 bighorn

    I will have to look a bit harder ,must be there under all the crud . Another oddity is it has alloy rear wheel and steal front i cant imagine that was original????? I tend to agree best left original and used to many show bikes sitting around in sheds as it is .
  6. gutzi

    F5 350 bighorn

    I have a 350 bighorn brown ,so im guessing its 1970 . Does the engine number give any clues to its year? I can not find a frame number ,where are they hidden?? The bike is very original and all there ,has low miles but has been sitting around rusting ,trying to decide weather i fully restore it or tidy it up and leave it original ??? I live in australia and dont know if there was many sold here ,i have never seen another. Appreciate any feed back thanks . From roger