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  1. mxbeast120

    Crf 150r idle problems

    ya im about to check my valve clearance
  2. mxbeast120

    150R Idle fix

    k thanks was it like whenever you pulled in the clutch your bike would shut off? because thats what mine does
  3. mxbeast120

    Crf 150r idle problems

    My 2008 crf150r is having trouble idleing, it's like ill warm it up and itle shut off then ill get it started without giving it gas and it will idle for a bit but then i ride and as im pulling up ill pull in the clutch and the bike will shut off after a about 3 seconds. Idk if its the engine not getting enough fuel or if it's the intake or what... help
  4. mxbeast120

    please help problem with 150r

    ya my 150r woulnt idle very well unless you start it without giving it gas.. but for the overheating part just check yours coolent fluid
  5. mxbeast120

    Is this the right asking price?

    i got my 2008 brand new for 2300 but i know how to find good deals