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  1. RedRider98

    titling a two stroke in CO

    Is it possible to title a two stroke dirtbike for street use in colorado?
  2. RedRider98

    2004 Crf250 idle screw

  3. RedRider98

    2004 Crf250 idle screw

    Because i'm fixing a friends bike, and it won't start, and the idle screw has been played with, and it may be part of the problem, i simply need the stock setting of the idle screw.
  4. RedRider98

    2004 Crf250 idle screw

    than can someone turn their idle screw closed and count the number of turns for me? much would be appreciated.
  5. RedRider98

    2004 Crf250 idle screw

    I understand what rpm it should be, but i need an initial setting on the screw, such as how many turns out.
  6. RedRider98

    2004 Crf250 idle screw

    I need to know the stock setting for the idle screw. It's not stated in the owners manual, and I need a starting point.
  7. RedRider98

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    four strokes suck.
  8. RedRider98

    Need help crf250

    Friends 2005 crf250 bogged out and died on a bottom of a hill, now we can't get it started. What do you think it could be. I've checked the following: Carb is getting gas, I've also cleaned and looked over the carb, nothing is blocked. Spark plug fires as normal Airfilter is clean, nothing is blocked. The bike was serviced about 3 hours ago, with a valve adjustment, topend, the works. Any sugestions.
  9. RedRider98

    njorvp needs more PARKING

    I was there sunday, I was the last person they let in before they closed the gates at around 10 oclock. We actually parked in the staff parking lot lol.
  10. RedRider98

    float bowl question

    typo, meant 2004
  11. RedRider98

    2004 crf250 problems

    Been sitting for over a year, before storage top end was replaced, valves where checked, along with numerous other things. Took it out of storage, bike won't start. Thing I have done/ checked: Replaced old gas Drained old gas from carb Cleaned carb Checked for spark Definitely getting air replace motor/trance oil Bike also makes click noise at tdc, but i here that's normal. Any ideas? Need to get this damn thing started
  12. RedRider98

    float bowl question

    You're correct, part of the problem was i was working on it while being up for 48 hours with no sleep. lol
  13. RedRider98

    float bowl question

    Any one else confirm?
  14. RedRider98

    float bowl question

    It's number 30 in the picture.
  15. RedRider98

    float bowl question

    The little white plastic piece that's in the float bowl with 3 holes. I cannot figure out for the life of me how that goes back around the jets, seems moronic but it doesn't seem to fit properly in any position. Any one have any pictures or diagrams? 2003 crf250