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  1. JAG Motosports

    Need to make a kx100 quieter

    thanks, goin to try both ideas.
  2. JAG Motosports

    Need to make a kx100 quieter

    just recently, I was hoping there was another silencer or a special trick someone nows
  3. JAG Motosports

    Need to make a kx100 quieter

    I realize I will loose power and thats fine, just need to make it as quiet as possible. Right now it has a pc exhaust, how much dif would a stock make?
  4. JAG Motosports

    Oil in head?

    u should be glad u have alot up there. btw it can only retain so much before it runs down by the cam chain
  5. JAG Motosports

    KX100 compression test results

    It may not hit at a lower rpm, higher the rpm the more the rod stretches. You can and should do a squish test.
  6. JAG Motosports

    KX100 compression test results

    A piston to wall clearance issue is usually more of a rattling sound and yours is more of a ticking. Sounds like the piston is just touching the head or another issue but to me it sounds like a topend problem. I would take the topend off and check it out
  7. he has 4 listed http://stores.ebay.co.uk/docwobclearance/RACE-BIKES-/_i.html?_fsub=2883277014&_sid=42549094&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
  8. JAG Motosports

    Engine part out price.

    cases alone r worth 150 -200.... i would say more like 400 even if the head was toast .... u would get that on ebay
  9. JAG Motosports

    Verifying Valve clearance - hot or cold

    cold .... they tighten when warm
  10. JAG Motosports

    04 crf250r valve ?

    check the valve clearances first to make sure that is the problem. And yes ur right a shim job at this stage won't last long and a valve job is required
  11. JAG Motosports

    Help with 250r Cam Shaft

    sounds like its off on the bottom if turning by hand causes it to jump.
  12. JAG Motosports

    Help with 250r Cam Shaft

    did u release the tensioner so the cam chain is tight. You cant start it with the tensioner off or it will jump. It locks up because the piston is hitting the valves when the timing gets that far off.
  13. JAG Motosports

    No Toil airfilter oil causing premature wear?

    it could be alot worse considering it has over a 100 hrs on it. I dont see a heat issue. I see it needed at least a ring job along the way. U use a castor base oil?
  14. JAG Motosports

    06 CRF250R timing help

    I use the flywheel side but regardless both sides should match. The flywheel is just easier to tell if its lined up
  15. JAG Motosports

    strange noise and acting funny

    u need start the investigation .... take the valve cover off and check for the obvious, and then valve clearance , timing and go from there