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  1. My neigbor picked up a 2015 wr450 a few months back. As of now he has replaced the ecu with a programmable one, and slapped a full fmf exhaust on it. Now The header pipe GLOWS red hot almost instantly. Just wondering if anyone in there area would be willing to help us out with some tuning adjustments?
  2. IHblarp

    Air leak and pressure test questions

    Good news, I re-assembled the exhaust valves, plugged the vent line and brought the pressure up to 8 psi. First test showed my fixture had 2 leaks, fixed those and re-pressurized the cylinder and let it sit for ten min. Came back and no drop, decided to draw a line on my gauge to match the needle (0-100psi gauge is all i could find locally) came back in another ten minutes and still no change. So i guess it's not a air leak after all. I may try to find a 0-15psi gauge tomorrow just for peace of mind. I'm still not sure about all the blow-by in the exhaust valves, seems to me that during the entire intake portion of the stroke it would simultaneously be sucking air through the vent tube and Carb. To be chasing 2-3 psi air leaks over a 10 min period just seems odd to me when the system is vented to atmospheric pressure all the while. Anyway, I guess on to the next step. Does any one have a foolproof float setting/measuring technique for the tmx carb that comes on this bike? The method outlined in the manual makes me mad, I don't have the special tool and it seems pointless cause even when you know its off, you have no way of knowing how much to change it until the carb is back in the bike. So at the moment, my method is to try to find a happy medium between no fuel in the bowl and pissing fluid out the overflow (seems to be an extraordinarily fine line). So i wonder if my float is too low maybe this is a symptom of that? Sometimes I cant stand this carb, but so many people seem to like them i figure it must just be me.
  3. IHblarp

    Air leak and pressure test questions

    Thanks for the input Moose, this is exactly what I am trying to do with the pressure test. When I was not able to get a consistent idle I decided I've got other problems to chase before dialing in the jetting. I sprayed carb cleaner around the engine with no apparent changes, that's why I moved on to rigging up the pressure tester. I still don't understand how the pressure test is expected to build pressure if the exhaust valves are not sealed and the exhaust cover is vented to atmosphere. Did I just miss the step where everyone is plugging the vent before they test? Thanks!
  4. Hello KX gods of thumpertalk. I recently got my Eric Gorr 144 put back together but now I am having trouble finding a good idle. Once it is warmed up, I can sometimes get it to idle down low where I want it, but it quickly climbs. No adjustment on the idle screw or air screw seem to have much effect. Jetting (same as before the build) Main: 370 pilot:40 needle:6CHJ11-82, top clip Air screw: 2 turns out Here's a quick video showing what its doing. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/E_Sa-CUuO0U"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I decided I have and air leak (what do you guys think? is this an air leak, or do I have jetting issues). So i built a pressure tester similar to what is in the FAQ. The problem is that I cannot get it to build any pressure. The tester is sealed up tight, exhaust plug is tight and the piston is at BDC (as described in FAQ) but the engine never builds any pressure what so ever. I could hear the air bleeding through somewhere with the engine in the bike but no amount of soapy water would show a leak so I pulled the engine. once on my bench, I noticed the air is just blowing through the exhaust valve vent line. Plug the line with my finger and it starts to build some pressure. What am I doing wrong with the pressure test? Should the piston really be at BDC? Also based on the amount of oil under the powervalve cover, it is quite apparent that power valves are not hermetically sealing the cylinder volume. In the manual I'm not seeing any seals showing that the powervalves would seal out cylinder pressure either. The power valve cover is vented to atmosphere, so how is this expected to build pressure? I feel like I'm missing something, is there supposed to be a check valve on the powervalve cover vent to allow this to be pressurized cover? Please help me see what I'm missing here. Thanks!
  5. IHblarp

    Any Alternative to Eric Gorr for KX144?

    Thanks for the input. I have not ruled eg out, was just looking at other options. Been too busy to call pinnsonault, but will before I decide. On the 250, yep got one, but the 125 is just way too much fun. 250 is mostly for trails, but I love riding the piss out of the 125 on the mx track. Doesn't wear me out as quick and just plain fun.
  6. IHblarp

    2005 KX125 Build

    Man this build is coming along nicely! I'm freshening up my 03, hope it turns out half as nice as this thing!
  7. IHblarp

    Any Alternative to Eric Gorr for KX144?

    Thanks for the input guys! I'll be looking into both Powerseal and Pinnsonault. How bout anyone else, anyone out there running KX144s? Love it, hate it? What would you change?
  8. Tore apart my 03 this week to do a piston and ring, and found that I need some cylinder work. I've been emailing Millennium discussing my options and I think I've decided to go with a Big Bore (leaning towards 144, but open to opinions). Initially, I was leaning towards Eric Gorr but the more i read on him the more hesitant I am. I have a friend that just had EG do his CR134 and he is super happy with it, even though he's having head gasket/cooling system pressure issues after less than 5 hours. He still recommends EG and plans to use him again. My only issue is that it seems like EG does a really good job, most of the time. But if/when there are problems, he does absolutely nothing but hang up the phone. Has this changed at all since he teamed up with Millennium? I've had great experiences with millennium in the past for cylinder work, maybe they've instilled some customer service values to EG? Just looking to see what other people's experiences have been, both with EG, and with any other shops that have done BB kits. EG just feels a bit too much like a $500 gamble, so I'm looking for options here. I looked a bit at Max Power RPM, looks promising but I don't see anything about what porting options they offer. They mention 03+ having head issues on 144's so the biggest they'll do is 139. Also, would like to hear your opinions of BB kx's. Love it/hate it, best complimentary mods? lets hear it. This bike sees everything from tight trails to MX.
  9. IHblarp

    35 or 38mm Keihin? TMX swap KX125

    thanks jeekins, I guess I was mistaking the power the TPS. I thought I read somewhere about the 98's tps. IF the TMX does not start showing some improvment soon it is on the chopping block!
  10. IHblarp

    35 or 38mm Keihin? TMX swap KX125

    Long time lurker here. Kinda bringing this back from the recent dead but... I too am getting a little tired of trying to get my mikuni to run right so I am seriously considering swapping for the pwk38 for my 03 kx125. It insists on overflowing fuel even after meticulously adjusting the float, I just replaced the o ring under the float needle as described in another thread so we'll see if that has any affect. It also boggs if i lean it too far over in corners, and I can not seem to get the pilot jet dialed to where it does not spooge a little while in low rpms. I have a 98 kx250 so it would be kinda nice to have the same carb on both bikes so I only need to stock jets for one type of carb. But my question is this, my 98 carb has a plug on it which i presume is the TPS? if I can find another 98 quad vent, airstriker with the tps will it work on the 125 without the TPS connected or is that going to change how the 125 runs? I guess I'm just confused what the TPS (throttle position sensor) does on a carbureted vehicle? does it controll ignition timing advance? or is actually controlling something in the carb itself instead of just "sensing"? Thanks for any info.
  11. looks like a classic fatigue failure, the cause could be many things. There must have been either a surface flaw (i.e. crack, chip, or impurity) and then any imbalance of the crank would compound this gradually stressing the shaft until it finally lets go. It is kinda hard to tell from the pictures but my guess would be leaning towards an inclusion in the steel due to the crack looking like it originates from within the shaft. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Wiesco is gonna make it up to you, but I hope they can get these issues under control. I for one have ruled out their cranks for the time being. Pistons, however, I will still buy.
  12. IHblarp

    98 kx250 worth it?

    Cool, so I'm not the only one! I just got a 98 about a month ago and have been having trouble getting it set up as far as getting comfortable on the bike. Maybe it is the forks. What is a better year to find forks off of? or is it better to just modify the stock 98 forks to get the performance. I'm new to suspension tuning so I'm not too comfortable doing fork work on my own yet.
  13. IHblarp

    Best pump gas

    I've heard that ethanol is bad for magnesium, and many older car carbs have magnesium in them. I do not know if its true or if mc carbs have magnesium. I've also heard that it is more likely to gum stuff up cause it leaves some sort of residue, I know some of the newer cars have been having issues with fuel delivery because of increased mixes of ethanol.
  14. IHblarp

    trail track

    You don't absolutely need equipment to build jumps. I've built whoops using tires and a shovel and similarly built some decent jumps using 4 ft logs and a shovel. Just get the general shape of the jump with the filler(logs/tires) and cover the rest with a good 8-12 in of dirt and shape to your hearts content. It works OK, they might require some more maintenance but for single track type jumps it will get you by. Still takes a bit of shovel work but much less than building it all out of dirt.
  15. IHblarp

    KX250 '03 Vs. '02

    New to this forum, but I have been lurking for a while. I am looking at buying a bike after about 7 years away from the sport. I used to ride a kx 125 and have decided that I'm gonna jump up to a 250 this time. I will probably ride a equal mix of mx and trail riding, but do not plan on racing mx. I could end up doing a couple harescrambles/enduros but mostly just for fun nothing too competative. given your choice between an '03 and an '02 which do you all feel is the better bike? Price/use seem to be fairly equal between the two. Great form here and thanks for any input!