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  1. watertreatpete

    MY DuRZZZ is dead..... HELP!

    Also put your hand over exhaust pipe while cranking. Try and tell if it is just pushing out air or if it is also sucking in air. Just a way of checking if your exhaust valve isn't carboned up and not seating, fully closed. My mechanic told me this trick. When mine died the rings were carboned and stuck to the piston and the valves were also carboned up and not fully closing.
  2. watertreatpete

    R tec plastics for Suzuki drz 400

    I have some , They look like copies of other plastics I had, I think" made in Italy" ones. No problems with them. They fit good, Haven't done much riding with them so I don't know if they scratch easy, but I am happy with them.
  3. watertreatpete

    New valves,,,What to do

    not saying it is right, but when I had problems with my piston and valves being carboned up, The just cleaned the head up and used the old valves to lap the seats, and put new valves in. and new piston and rings, This was at least 5 years ago and many miles later still no problems, maybe I got lucky- but it worked.
  4. watertreatpete

    Distilled water corrodes radiators

    R.0. Water is as close to ion free water as you can get. This article is total bs. I have been in the field of water testament for 17 years. Softened water goes through an ion exchange prosses. Distilled water is as pure as you are going to get with out an ro. Ro and distilled water has low conductivity- low ions. If you want to debate further PM me . licensed in 3 States for industrial water treatment.
  5. watertreatpete

    Distilled water corrodes radiators

    I call bs. When a boiler or nuclear plant is commissioned they bring in R.O. Units to make ultra pure water to start off with. Chlorine in tap water is bad. Salt in softened water would be as well.
  6. watertreatpete

    DRZ engine locked up with less than 10,000miles !?!

    He is going back in time with this thread to find out how he can stop it? Maybe rewind the odometer so it never hits 14,000?
  7. watertreatpete

    90 rm125 cylinder compatibility?

    why not send it in to get fixed would be much cheaper? They can re-plate them, I had one done it came back nice, from a place in Wisconsin. Also 89 isn't plated like 90. I have a 1989 and 1990 rm125. On the 91 the head is different.. so you need a L for 1990 it is a one year thing sorry. I have a brand new cylinder in the box I keep as a spare.
  8. watertreatpete

    pwk36mm on 125?

    Anyone running a Keihin 36mm pwk carb on a 125? I am trying one on my 1990 rm 125 and looking for jetting help? any idea as far as needle? going to try 180 main and 65 pilot jet?
  9. watertreatpete

    Oil starved engine cause this?

    I am going through the same thing, I am pressure testing my engine to find the air leak- still working on it - but my trans oil is low so I think I have leak on the right side crank seal (may have installed backward) My piston looks like yours but only on the exhaust side though. Good luck with yours.
  10. watertreatpete

    Help. Suzuki rm125 1989 not running properly

    I have a 1989 125 too. Love these bikes. Someone put a Keihin carb on it and it runs very well. Is your pilot jet clogged up by chance?
  11. watertreatpete

    1990 rm 125

    Any one have a pic of original graphics from 1990 rm 125? Also I am looking for a cylinder for it. Right now I have fitted a cylinder from a later model with the use of a spacer I made. I works well but I would like to go back to stock.
  12. watertreatpete

    Suzuki RM125 (1990)


    1990 Suzuki RM 125 and 1989 RM 125
  13. watertreatpete

    Suzuki RM125 1990

    1990 Suzuki RM 125 and 1989 RM 125
  14. My seats and valves were just carboned up and needing cleaning to allow the bike to start. My mechanic lapped the valves before I knew better, but caught it before he put the motor back together. We just used the old valves to lap the seats and put new valves in without lapping or cutting the seats. Bike runs fine now, no problems.