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  1. Kjeremy

    185 Main Jet?

    Is this a tidbit for possible future use or.....
  2. Kjeremy

    185 Main Jet?

    When I bought the bike it had a stock OBEKR needle installed. The previous owner sad he put the 185 Main in it because he put an aftermarket exhaust on it. I'm not sure if the TPS was causing any problems with idle or performance but I adjusted it to the proper range because it wasn't right. The top end of the motor is all stock, except for the SS valves. I replaced the 185MJ with a 175 because that is the proper setup for the elevation/temp I'm at. Thanks for the notes on how the test the MJ, I'll try that out.
  3. Kjeremy

    185 Main Jet?

    OK... So now I have a 175 Main, 45 Pilot, New needle on the 4th, new emulsion tube, I set the TPS within the proper resistance range and the fuel screw is at 1 1/4 turns out. After putting it all back together it started up on the first kick and after I got er all warmed up I was finally able to get it to smoothly idle at 1700rpm. (Before it wouldn't idle below 2000rpm). Everything is perfect now!
  4. Kjeremy

    2002 CRF450R Vet/Old Man Project

    A friend and I finished doing a full rebuild on my 02' CRF450R a few months back. Make sure you check those valves when you are supposed or the bike will end up like mine. lol. 2 valve heads broke off and destroyed the cylinder and cylinder head, it was a sad sad day. But now, after the rebuild, it is running better than ever. Good luck and have fun!
  5. Kjeremy

    Pics of Your 450....

    My CRF450R
  6. Kjeremy

    185 Main Jet?

    I will be going to the shop tomorrow to get the proper main jet (170-172 for my alt/temp). I also noticed that the TPS has been fiddled with and is placed in the lowest setting. After doing the math, I found that it is supposed to be between 586 and 676 ohms and it is currently at 495 ohms. I wonder is this has something to do with my high/hanging idle. This thumper is keeping me busy!
  7. Kjeremy

    185 Main Jet?

    The clip is in the proper 4th position. I put a 45 p. in it and now I just gotta go the shop and get a 175 m. The previous owner said he put a 185 m. in it beacuse he put an aftermarket exhaust on it.... I don't know if that is overcompensation or not....
  8. Kjeremy

    02' CRF450R valve check after rebuild

    Thank you for all of the information guys! I'll go ahead and do a check and log while I have the gas tank off.
  9. Kjeremy

    185 Main Jet?

    I have an 02' CRF 450R and when I was cleaning the carb I noticed that the main jet is a 185. In the book it says that it should be a 172-175 for where I am at. Why would the previous owner install a larger MJ? Also the slow jet is at 48 instead of 45... Just wondering if either of these 2 items would be the cause of my goofy idle.
  10. Kjeremy

    02' CRF450R valve check after rebuild

    Roger that. It is starting and running great! Thank you for the reply tjg53.
  11. I recently completed a top and bottom rebuild on my 02' and it is running amazing. But I need to know at how many hours sould I recheck the valve clearences and is there anything else I should keep a close eye on for the first *?* hours? Thanks in advance for you responses!
  12. Kjeremy

    BRP Triple Clamp, Stabilizer & Tower Kit

    Thanks for the info guys! I ordered the set. I went with the 11mm bar position and the 1.640 bar height. (Stock bar offset and about 1/2 higher bar position). BRP told me that if it wasn't comfortable call them and they would swap it for another setup. I wanted new tires as well, so i went ahead and got them too. Its gonna be a good weekend!
  13. I'm thinking about getting this setup for my 02 CRF450R. http://www.brpmoto.com/products?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.pbv.tpl&product_id=1517&category_id=1449 I need suggestions on what I should use for my Bar mount height (1.240, 1.360, 1.640) and for the bar position (11mm, 17mm). My ride is a 02 CRF450R I'm 6'3" and 200lbs I ride desert and trail Any help provided would be awesome! Thanks!!
  14. Kjeremy

    Too Much Compression... Problem Solved!!!

    Thanks again Dust_Devil! Once again, your endless supply of knowledge and you ever so large collection of tools has saved the day. Bicycle. Monkey. Ashy Larry.
  15. Kjeremy

    Too Much Compression... Problem Solved!!!

    Perhaps your right. But when when we lined up the crank shaft marks, the flywheel "B" mark, and the cam marks the cam lobes were facing forward. So we left the timing exactly how it was, relieved tension off of the timing chain, unbolted the cam sprocket, spun the cam shaft 180 degrees (so the lobes faced towards the back), bolted the cam sprocket back to the cam shaft, etc. To me that seems to be 180 out, not just a tooth off. But if I am mistaken about it I thank you for the info, I'm trying to learn as much about this bike as I can.