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  1. Purehonda


    thanks for all of the replies . I think ill set them all soft and see. then if i need to, get new springs
  2. Purehonda


    Hi everyone. I just got a 2007 KX250F:smirk: and need help with adjusting my suspension. I weigh 130lbs and am setting it up for trails. I've noticed there are clickers on my forks and rear shock. Do i start with that to help it or what should i do?
  3. Purehonda


    alright i got the bike. and even lowered him down to 1900.00!!!!! and he threw in riding gear. its a sweet bike. thanks for all the replies
  4. Purehonda


    thanks for all of the replies. sounds like people have had good luck with them. if i can get him lower on price i think ill go for it. Thanks
  5. Purehonda


    Thanks for the reply. Yeah it is kinda hard to believe. Ill see if i can lower him down a bit. thanks. any more info would be much appreciated
  6. Purehonda


  7. Purehonda


    hi everybody! I'm on the lookout for a nice 250f . Ive found an 07 kx250f in my area for 2500$. i went and looked at it and it is in perfect shape. it still has original tires on it and they have about 70% of tread left. so anyways heres my question. is this a good deal? if not what is a good price on this bike? and finally are the 2007 kx250fs any good reliability wise because all im gonna do is trail ride. thanks
  8. What is the best four stroke for woods riding. crf250r, yz250f, or kx250f? i want one that is reliable and doesnt go through valves like crazy. i wont be revving the heck out of it. i am a honda man so i was leaning towards honda but what do you guys think?
  9. Purehonda

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke.

    i am 5 foot 9 and 1 about 130 -135 lbs
  10. Purehonda

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke.

    thanks deelong. if i was to go 2 stroke, what about fouling plugs and such?
  11. Should i get a cr125 for trails only, or a crf250r for trails only. money is an issue i can only spend a little over 2 grand. 15 and 135 thanks
  12. Purehonda

    what bike to get??

    thanks for the replys. will a 125 2 stroke be good for woods for me? how do i stop foul plugs and what not?
  13. Purehonda


    i can get a 2005 crf250r for 2500 maybe less. the guy who is selling it works at a honda dealership and he put in 2008 head, gaskets, piston, valves, and springs. is this a good deal and do you think it will hold up?
  14. Purehonda

    250 Four strokes

    i can get an 05 crf250r with 2008 head, gaskets, springs, valves, and piston for 2500 right now maybe lower.
  15. Purehonda

    250 Four strokes

    ive thought about a ktm 200. but i havent seen one for sale in my area for the past year. the most i can spend is 2300