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    dirt biking, snowboarding, tunning my wrx :)
  1. OK I got it figured out. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I did some research but couldn't find an answer. Here's the question- will this street legal kit fit the 2009 400xcw that I got?: http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=390772548247
  3. Ok thanks for your help guys
  4. Is there a forum or website for dirt bike sales that u guys could direct me to? Ive been just looking on craigslist and theres not much for decent prices....
  5. Ok i guess i will go with the 09. Ive spent a lot of time recently browsing different forums on ktm discusions, and it seems like the prices here in washington are waaaaaay higher than what im seeing in other states.
  6. I will be doing mostly trail riding with some street once in a while.
  7. Hey guys so I'm split between these 2 bikes: 2007 KTM 400 xcw- 820 miles all stock 4100$ 2009 ktm 400 xcw- 1150 miles HID lights and gps/ speedo 4550$ which one should i buy? Which handles better and which has the better engine? also, what do you think of the price? Is it overpriced? give me some input on this
  8. davessti

    WANTED: 2004 TTR250 CDI

    like the title says, i need a new cdi box for my 2004 ttr250. hook me up if you got one
  9. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    k i will check agian on the neutral switch and the main switch..
  10. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    doesnt anyone know this electrical stuff pretty good??? ok heres my hypothesis: one of the modules is the problem. there are 2 modules. when i push the start button nothing happens, and when i sraight to the starter motor crank it theres no spark. since i get nothing when button starting it, the problem is in the module that is involved in completing the starter circuit, but not necessarily the spark circuit- because the 'no spark' can be a secodary effect of the first problem. which module is it?? as far as i understand, even if the clutch or neutral or other safety switch was bad, it should still have a spark when cranked over straight at the starter motor- because those safety switches are only involved in completing the starter circuit and not the spark circiut. right?
  11. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    Ok I have pulled the harness off, cleaned an inspected every connection, put it back on, but it still won't turn over when jumpstarted to the battery terminals. I cranked it over by bypassing the solenoid but I don't get a spark.... I'm fairly confident its one of the electrical components but I don't know how to check those an which one it could be?
  12. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    I'll have to check on that. I think I'm gonna completely pull of the harness an go over every connection an see what happens...
  13. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    anybody got a harness set for sale? i dont need the wire peice but all those box thingies that it plugs into? let me know if you got one.
  14. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    i checked all my grounds with a digital multimeter and also checked that all the swithches make circuits only when switched on, checked the nuetral switch too. my guess is its one of the lil electrical box things or stator that went bad. but how do i check them? spent 2 hours yesterday tinkering with all the connections and no luck...
  15. davessti

    2004 ttr250 engine wont start- HELP!

    Need help asap.... : l