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  1. revolucien

    will the ttr50 move in gear at idle?

    awesome , thanks for the link
  2. revolucien

    will the ttr50 move in gear at idle?

    Hello all, Thinking about getting a ttr-50 for my little one and I know that it is automatic 3-speed, but will the bike move forward in 1st gear while it is just sitting at idle? Is the PW-50 the same? Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.
  3. revolucien

    Mellowing the 2017

    So with the loose/slippery mapping, I am going to add the throttle tamer and drop a tooth and see where we are from there. Thanks for the replies.
  4. revolucien

    Mellowing the 2017

    Well I did some more looking and the only flywheel weighting I see is the GYTR one, and of course that means it comes with GYTR pricing. I may try the sprocket change but i don't want her to loose that ability to chug from low in the rpm's to get up some of the hills so I'm gonna try the GYTR product first. I think the wider ratio gearbox would have been good for her, but she was one of those people who was adamant about not having the extra weight. Thanks for the input all. Still would like to know if somebody (possibly woods/trail riders) has tried some alternate maps not publicized in the tuning guide.
  5. revolucien

    Mellowing the 2017

    I know it sounds like blasphemy and I would agree...but....I tried to convince the wife to look at a different bike and she wouldn't have it. She rode a 2007 yz250f since it was new and was comfortable on that one, but the 2017 is a weapon in comparison. I have a tuner and have changed the map to the loose or slippery conditions map and it still too aggressive. I would get her a different bike but don't want to take a hit on the resale. So...does anyone have a good map that softens the bike and possibly a recommended flywheel weight? Thanks.
  6. revolucien

    Oil Change on 2017 KTM 250 SX-F

    LOL, Holy sh$t that was awesome, please don't delete had those days before too.
  7. Agree with Jrs Turn and T.Bane. The hare scrambles I've been in were 2 to 3 hours long on average and the last was a 6 hour, and absolutely nothing was decided in the first 30-seconds and that is the only place the holeshot device does anything. For bike performance, spend some time and money with suspension setup and maybe a good flywheel(I just usually run a little heavier, but I'm sure some with the rekluse will tout their qualities as well), then a couple lessons from a trials rider or a top enduro rider will help with techniques that can be used all through the course.
  8. revolucien

    Does anyone else do this?

    Halzilla, That spot was about 1.5 miles down Pole line rd on the right. Unfortunately I think our trips to Ocotillo are done for this season. In Vegas this weekend, moving friend next, then the have to redo the roof on our house. I might try to squeeze in a day ride or two at Coral Canyon, or McCain Valley before the triple digit weather hits. I don’t think this is the stuff you were building as a kid, but if you were it's a solid reliable hit every time.
  9. revolucien

    Weak Rear Nissin Brake

    Bleeding is first, but since you did that a couple things you can check are the brake rotor being warped...if the rotor is warped it will keep returning the caliper piston back further then it should be; check the brake line, when brake line gets old it starts to stretch under pressure and will cause those symptoms too; if still no luck, you may need to rebuild the master in case the plunger is letting fluid by.
  10. revolucien

    Anyone running 40:1 in your 125

    I always mixed at 40:1 and never had a problem with the '04 YZ125 or any of my other 2-strokes. The only change I made for my 2-strokes is started to use VP T2 cause I wanted to get away from the ethanol mix, and the VP comes premixed at 40:1.
  11. revolucien

    Does anyone else do this?

    Can't help it still love to do this and after racing with the CALVMX guys, seeing guys in their 60's and 70's still hitting 30-50' jumps and railing berms, i want to do it until I can't. I don't know if this will work but this vid is a trial run on the bigger ramp I had, and the mini track at this site was a blast.
  12. revolucien

    2017 450 SXF gearing

    Well I am just coming from the YZ, and the instant your on this bike it does feel completely different. Right now it just feels like I'm having to hit jumps in a higher RPM and not cause the motor is lacking.
  13. revolucien

    Does anyone else do this?

    Well we usually set up a small track at our campsite using mostly natural terrain and add the ramp in for a good sized jump. One of the regular riders owns a stage and lighting company and he will bring out lights so we can night ride as well. It's good for playing on when your in between big rides or night time racing on small bikes. Hallzilla, I was hitting the tracks once or twice a week during the 90's and early 2000's, but after going so much I realized that my friends and I had most of our big injuries at tracks not enduro or desert riding. I guess when you get that many with mixed skill levels in a confined area the odds are going to increase. Anyway I still like to hit the tracks every now and then but just try to do more free riding.
  14. revolucien

    2017 450 SXF gearing

    I had a 2015 YZ450F and that bike was very awake, but without a lot of clutch use and millimeter adjustments in throttle pull it would regularly break the wheel loose for a free spin fiesta... even with the ignition mapped for slippery terrain. I like the power delivery on the KTM, it's got a bit more traction and a lot quicker out of turns. I'm hoping the 1 or 2 teeth drop wont change it much...gotta experiment and see.
  15. revolucien


    If it is a derivative of the same plant then it is still organic. I can tell you from the amount of carbs I've rebuilt over the last year(including a 600cfm Edelbrock last night) that the ethanol in gas not only drags water through your system, but the organic part causes algae growth. Buy ethanol free if you can.