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  1. aa450

    fuel screw

    happened to me on my 09 wr. hard to rotate the carb much with so much in the way. Small mirror and good light did wonders for me. They were stuck inside.
  2. aa450

    Fly risers

    Anyone using the fly racing 35mm riser for the 1 1/8 stock pro taper bar on 09 WR'S ? How did they work? Or is there something else better. Want to raise bars using all my stock components. Some advice needed.
  3. aa450

    Wet weight

    Anyone know the weight of the 450 SX-F. The 2011 and the 2012 models. I mean full of oil and fuel. Thinking about selling my heavy a!! WR450.
  4. aa450

    Any one have similar jetting

    Also installed the JD jet needle in the 4th position. Removed the AIS.
  5. aa450

    Any one have similar jetting

    Krannie, I am just replacing springs in the forks and shock at the moment. But i made a stupid mistake with my shock. I broke the bottom nut and removed the damper thimble or what ever you call it. Anyways the inner rod on the damper came out and i lost oil until i pushed it back in. I took it to the dealer to get get the nitro bled and oil filled and recharged with nitro again. When all i had to do was remove the lower spring guide and slide the upper guide and spring out.. It was a long night working on the bike, called it quits after that bone head move. I cant wait to ride it and feel the difference on the carb and throttle screw.
  6. For an 09 wr 450. Doing all my mods. Installing jets at the moment. Main jet 168 pilot jet 48 leak jet 45 pilot air 70 stock Any one running this similar set up. Ride in low elevation 0- 1000ft. High humidity and temps in summer time. Any advice or changes are welcome. Did the grey wire mod. Changed out the throttle stop screw. Air box opened and using twin air filter. Installed merge spring in accelerator pump. Wont be able to ride it for a couple of days, waiting on suspension to come back. Thanks
  7. aa450

    09 wr 450 fork springs

    Thanks for the tips Grayracer, they will put to good use on Saturday when i tackle this project. Thanks again
  8. aa450

    09 wr 450 fork springs

    Found a post by Davej, it said a 17mm and a 19mm would be the only things needed for a spring replacement. Searched the wr 450 forum, so i am assuming they were talking about a wr although they never stated what bike they were working on. Thanks
  9. aa450

    09 wr 450 fork springs

    Need your help guys. I bought a new left over 2009 WR 450 last time at home. I rode it several times and absolutely love it. I am still of at work and i have ordered several things for some mods. I feel comfortable with the rest of the mods except the front springs. I get home in a couple of days and need help with the fork spring change out. All i want to do is remove the springs and install the new ones for my correct weight. This is something i have not tackled before. Can some one go into detail on replacing the fork springs and what special tools will be needed? I am assuming i will not have to replace any seals being everything is new.
  10. aa450

    TT parts store fork springs

    Thanks for your help Bryan. Hey when it rains,it pours. Added the springs to my cart, got ready to check out and this stupid computer keeps asking, select international shipping. It must be cause i am working overseas at this minute. Looks like i will have to call Monday and finish my order. I can't get around it, will not let me proceed.
  11. Not finding the race tech springs for my 09 wr 450. The spring calculator recommended .53kg/mm, part number i got from the race tech website is FRSP 444554. I want to just make one order on the TT site without having to call racetech. The TT store catalog list .53 springs for my bike but they have a different part number than the ones i got of the racetech calculator. Can someone help me with this?
  12. aa450

    Spring replacement

    Maybe someone can help with this. I found the rear shock spring for my bike on gnarlys store. My question is; there is a set of DSP forks springs for yz 450 10-12. Will these fit my 09 wr 450?
  13. aa450

    Spring replacement

    Just looked at the racetech site, lots of info. Are these springs a good choice?
  14. aa450

    Spring replacement

    guitarman, i did not see any for yamaha on the link. I did not even see a dealer in the US when i checked the DSP sight. My bike is a WR 450 09 model.