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  1. testy

    1985 XR350 saved from the scrapheap

    Just rescued this one from a decade in a guys storage locker. Some fresh gas, oil and filter and she started secod kick. cant wait to get'r out there this weekend.
  2. testy

    '01 CR125 Forks on an XR200?

    Thanks for the tip Chuck, will do..
  3. testy

    '01 CR125 Forks on an XR200?

    Just finished my budget suspension conversion on my '82 XR200R , thanks to the great advice I found up here. I used a '84 CR fork and front wheel/brake from a $100.00 basket case I found on craigslist, and put a '82 XR250 rear shock (a half inch longer, heavier spring) that got off a rolling chassis purchased our local dirt bike wrecker for $60.00. Everything bolted on, just needed to add about 3/4 inch of spacers to the headtube cause the CR had a longer steer tube. The bike now feels great under my 250 pound weight. Both fork and rear shock are working well, looking forward to leaving the bike with our local suspension tuner this winter for fresh oil and tuning.