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  1. Entropic


    My trucks starter decided to quit on me 15 miles from home....another time I guess.
  2. Entropic


    I'll be there tomorrow, hopefully by 9:30 or so. Olhillbilly, do you usually park around camp ridge somewhere?
  3. Entropic

    Kansas City area riders

    Entropic, I recognize that name from somewhere. I am HIGGI in the chess forums. You can race any of the races and not be eligible for points. Check the numberplate backgrounds required for each group. The MORE Series is very racer friendly like Dave said. Anyway , some friends and I are heading out this Saturday for Chadwick. Dave might be coming. I met him at the MORE race in Lockwood. Nice guy. We'll be camping Sat. somewhere around Camp Ridge. I'm not on any chess forums....maybe someone else just had the same idea I did. I may see you Saturday at chadwick. If I remember correctly, can you just camp any old place in a national forest?
  4. Entropic

    Kansas City area riders

    Dave, Thanks for letting me know about the races around me. I signed up on WFO trail riders.... very cool site to have! Can any of these races in the HBGP be done or would I have to sign up for the whole series? Dave P
  5. Entropic

    Kansas City area riders

    Hey guys, I already posted this in the Chadwick Thread, but thought I'd go ahead and post here too.... I'm Dave, new to the area, live in Sedalia, looking for some riding buddies. I'm about 30 minutes north of Walter's. I don't care where I ride as long as I'm riding, but I'm looking to ride Chadwick since everyone says it's one of the best places around. Details about myself: 26yo upgraded from an XR400R to a KTM 380 EXC this year Also interested in trying out enduros and scrambles (may ride Leadbelt Enduro at St. Joe next weekend) Hope to meet some of you sometime! Feel free to contact me about riding anywhere around KC-Columbia-Springfield area.
  6. Entropic


    Hi. I'm Dave. I'm new to the Area. Moved to Sedalia early this year for work from northern, IL. I've been riding Walter's ranch which is about 20 miles from me. I've been going alone and trying to ride with other people while I'm there, but it hasn't always worked out that way. I'm looking for a group, or another rider to ride Chadwick, Walter's, and other local places now that the 100+ heat might be over with. I'd say my riding style is competent but usually cautious. I'm on a KTM 380EXC if it matters. Also considering doing the Leadbelt Enduro next week at St. Joe. Hope to hear from some of ya!