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  1. balls deep 1982

    Oil coming from valve cover breather?

    I have just changed piston/rings but think I may have damaged it at some point then
  2. Hi, I have a 2006 250sxf i was riding the other day when i noticed alot of oil on my boot/bike it turns out it came out through the breather pipe on valve cover, i had lost almost all of my oil.......does anyone know what can cause this? any help will be much appreciated
  3. balls deep 1982

    250 SXF 07 Rebuild Hi Comp piston or not?

    thanks every one, i have gone for standard compression wossner piston £110 from 1st mx ,and upon taking the engine apart last night, good news the crank is all good as is the conrod bearing, so when my tensioner and gaskets turn up I should have it back together... Although I'm now getting my triple clamps and frame powder coated orange so will have to wait for them
  4. balls deep 1982

    250 SXF 07 Rebuild Hi Comp piston or not?

    Thank you for the reply, I have heard of this on a few 07's and im assuming the 08 has the same tensioner, I will be replacing it just in case, did he find anything else?
  5. Hi All, went riding at the weekend and now have a faint blue haze coming from the exhaust and burning oil so its time for a rebuild, it will be my first time rebuilding a ktm so was wondering wether it's worth getting a Wossner high comp piston or just standard compression? I dont race and don't push the bike to it's limits just after some advice and anything else to examine upon taking it apart, anything prone to breaking or wearing in excess?