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    1999 KTM 300 EXC Headlight Issues.

    Will do. Thanks guys i will let you know how it goes. btw is there any specific forum channels to put a bike build in? I have everything documented! <3-brian
  2. bdowling91

    1999 KTM 300 EXC Headlight Issues.

    Thanks for the responses guys! The headlight runs on AC? Really? Didn't know that. Would it make more sense to get a rectifier/reg to make it DC? More stable? Or should I still use the AC? I'm asking because I have replaced the stock bulb with now a custom fit silverstar headlight. Helmet light is a good idea, and that's usually what I've Done in the past for night riding, but I need to resolve this headlight situation so that it will pass inspection for street reg.
  3. Hey Guys, First Post Whoohoo... Ive been using TT for a long time to self diagnose problems on my bikes, now i finally decided to make an account to ask this question.. I have converted my 99 MXC to an EXC by swapping frames and and other accessories, and now that i have tried to hook the headlight up, its not working very well. The headlight is verrrry dim at idle engine speeds and get extremely bright when revving the engine (I actually blew a bulb this way:thumbsup:.) My question to you guys is: Should I buy a Regulator/Rectifier, which type (ac or dc)? Will that work? I am pretty sure that my MXC engine has the same stator and whatnot for the headlight, wiring for the light was already existent. This is the last thing i need to do before I can get this baby on the road. Pre-thanks for your help! -Brian