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  1. I made the change to my 2012 TE310. It works good no problems. I wouldent say it was a huge sucess I mean it works great but to tell the truth not a big change, I dont know if its because i run a rekluse or not. I still get good miliage and just ran 450 miles on it last weekend so is it good YES did it blow me away NO. I was ready for more. However the throttle response was improved over stock in low speed areas where you need to be light on the throttle. I also run the FMF full system. . I give 8.5 out of 10
  2. I had the same issue, Was the woodruff key sheared on my 12 310
  3. Johnnytruetorch

    310 wont start

    OK, Looks like it was the magnito key/woodruff key sheared off. I now carry one extra in my pack and the tool to fix it. Im hearing this is a common problem. ( Great! ) : (
  4. Johnnytruetorch

    310 wont start

    2012 purchased in Febuary. Went through all the obvious things. Fuel pump works has spark gas etc, Camping for 3 days with a big group 15 motorhomes and lots of help but nobody can get it going.
  5. Johnnytruetorch

    310 wont start

    Well if you have a 2012 te310 and have gone through the it wont stert issue please give me your findings. I just droped it off at 3Bros huskt to check it out, They said another one was on its way in and i read on here that others have this problem, Funny thing is i started it up ran it for a few seconds and turned it off to suit up. Hoped on and it wouldent stert, Turned over fine poped but no light up. Please help if you can
  6. Johnnytruetorch

    fun ride today

    450 miles today on the Aprilia 650. Irvint to LA, Test rode the Guzzi NTX at moto italia, Nice bike. Then up hwy 2 up into arrowhead, Down into the dezert and back up into Big bear and back to irvine. Solo trip Good for the mind and well needed. Im loving this adventure bike thing. [html]http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/548479_3202385916867_1324431048_n.jpg[/html]
  7. Johnnytruetorch

    My 2012 310's weird break

    First pic, You can see the break and gap at the starter base. 2nd pic, I can post pictures now : )
  8. Johnnytruetorch

    My 2012 310's weird break

  9. Johnnytruetorch

    My 2012 310's weird break

    No loose bolts. Internal kick back knocked the starter out of the cases, Bent the bolts and broke the starter plate. I have a picture but cant seem to upload it here ? help! Slackenhard, Check to see if the on/off button is touching the throttle cable housing. The starter yoke is loose it can rotate up and slightly touch the cables. silly but it happened to me and at first i thought it was electrical. Johnny
  10. Johnnytruetorch

    My 2012 310's weird break

    Anybody seen this happen before : ( The starter blew out of the cases and puked out the oil. Makes for a short day of riding. My only thought is starting it in gear with the Rekluse. Just dont know, weird.
  11. Johnnytruetorch

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    A big O thank you. Im looking into all these tips. Catang5oh wheres that adjustment and any how to on this would be great to see. Hope all had a merry Christmas.
  12. Johnnytruetorch

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    I may need to try this, Trying to feather the throttle in trials like conditions is like having a notchy throttle. Has anyone tried the JD and whats your thought on it. Aso has any pipe made a differience with power, What have you tried that works. Thanks again.
  13. Johnnytruetorch

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    2012 TE310. I have 600 miles on it, I dont like the FI and its on/off feeling at low tight technical speeds and its toggle switch feeling. Is there an adjustment or something i can get to smoothen out this. Also what have you added to increase its punch at mid to top end. Im looking for more punch!
  14. Waiting for santa to land his husky on our roof top, Merry Christmas everybody. Happy riding in the new year to all.
  15. Johnnytruetorch

    Long Beach Bike show....

    Im going on Sat sometime, Any body want to ride up from Irvine?