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  1. I bought a 2012 CRF450 a couple months ago and the bike is awesome. It is my 3rd CRF I have owned and they have all been great bikes. I did put a 6 Spring Hinson Clutch in it to remedy the Jutter Spring Clutch though. I dont much much about the RMZ's but you cant go wrong with a Honda!! Just my .2 cents
  2. Ive got a 2012 CRF450 with six hours on it and I am about to ordered the complete Hinson 6 spring clutch kit. I hear it is "bullet proof". They have great deals for military!!
  3. Just picked up a new 2012 CRF 450r and from what I read the six hours I have on the bike has already out-lasted the stock jutter spring clutch expectancy!! Just wanted to get some inputs on clutches. I am leaning towards the complete Hinson clutch, I can get one for $798. From what I understand they are pretty much "bullet proof" clutches. I am not a fan of the Recluse clutches, it jacks me up in the corners. Apparently I like engine braking. Any inputs conerning clutches would be great. Thanks Ron
  4. Yeah, and buddy of mine just picked up a 2008 YZF250 and we are going to split gas and hit up a few tracks along the way when we get back to Texas. I have family there too.
  5. Thanks for all the reply's. I ended up getting a 2012 CRF 450R for $7699 in Oklahoma. I have a 14 hour drive ahead of me but it will save me some $$. Ron
  6. Has anyone put one of the new Yoshimira RS-4D exhausts on yet? Just curious to see if its worth the money, if not it sure looks cool. I'm picking up a new 2012 CRF 450 on Tuesday and can get one the Yoshimira RS-4D at cost. Just wanted some imputs if you guys have any. Thanks' Ron
  7. Thanks for the info. Heading to Oklahoma on Tuesday to pick one up. Thanks
  8. Just found a 2012 CRF 450 for $8860 OTD in Texas. Its the best price I have found so far>><<
  9. I am looking to buy a new 2011/2012 CRF 450. Where is thebest place to buy a CRF 450 these days. I tried to hit up the local Honda dealerships here in the panhandle of Florida and in my opinion the prices are high. I have cash in hand for the bike, no financing. I found a 2011 for $9800 out the door but I was able to get $500 bonus bucks which brought it down too $9300 OTD, thats a bit high in my opinion. I also found a new 2010 in Pensacola with a price of $8500 OTD. Its new but its still 2 YEARS OLD. Maybe I'm just cheap but I was looking to spend about $7500 OTD for a 2011. I know I will pay a little more for a 2012 though. I have had a few CRF450's in the past but these prices around here are crazy. I am planning a trip back to Texas next week so if you guys know of a good place to find a new CRF along I-10W from Florida to the San Antonio, TX area please let me know. I NEED A NEW BIKE!! Thanks Ron