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    Headlamp/electronics removal

    I have searched for this topic and haven't found any posts, so if this has already been posted forgive me. I am thinking of removing the headlamp/front number plate and would ike to replace it with a non-lighted (YZ style) number plate. As well as removing the speedo assembly. I don't ride after after dark, never pay attention to the speedo either. Have been looking all over the web but have not turned anything up to replace it with. has anyone else out there done this? If so, what did you use? Thanks for the input!
  2. jmwr-rider

    Eibach Fork Springs in a XR 400

    Don't know about the XR400, I just last week went from the .46 fronts to .50 fronts (also Eibach front and rear) and from the 5.3 rear to 6.0 rear on my 08 WR450F. Also changed the oil from stock 5wt to 7wt in the forks, I'm 6'1" and currently right about 230lbs. And even though I have only ridden it once, and still may have to adjust some, I gotta say it's like riding a completely different bike. I ride a mix of trails, and a little racing my friends around the tracks at the local riding area. Don't know if this much help, hope so. Good Riding!!!!
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    Eibach says they are just a bit shorter than the Wr spring, recommended getting the correct springs, got it handled.
  4. jmwr-rider


    Forgive me if I am asking a dumb question. I ordered Eibach Moto springs from a local shop. When I gave them the part numbers from Eibach's catalog, the fronts springs were an Eibach #970.050.1, today when they came in, the part number they ordered for me is a 968.050.1 which according to Eibach's catalog fits an 08 YZ450F, not the WR450F. Does anyone here know what the difference will be and if they will work? Or do I go back to the shop and try to get the other number? Thanks for your expertise!!