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    Clutch Basket Scratching Inner Crankcase Cover

    Alright, here we go. Got the cover off, pulled out the basket, and got some pictures in hopes that a lightbulb flashes somewhere. So what I've now learned is the following: 1. Not noticing any mystery washers, theres a picture below of the base of the basket with one washer in it but its not removable (its installed beneath the gear teeth) and the local shop calls it stock. 2. The basket is indeed honda OEM, but I cannot say for certain that it is for a 1990 cr250r, anyone know the appropriate outside diameter for that model? Manual only gives the diameters for the spindle hole. 3. This is definitely not the original came-on-the-bike basket. You can see that the original rivets holding the base plate (what the heck is the function of that plate, by the way?) on have been replaced by allen screws which have been ground down. I examined the heck out of the crankcase and feel confident that they are not contacting anything or forcing the basket out of position though. So thats where I'm at. Not seeing a year-model appropriate replacement on ebay at the moment so my plan is to file the grooves in the short term until one turns up (interested if someone has one to sell, by the way). The basket and case cover do not appear to be making contact at the moment, but my big worry is that the replacement basket will. Appreciate all the advice so far, thanks for reading. John Base of basket closeup showing 'stock' washer: Base of basket wider showing allen-head replacements for rivets Internal view of crankcase cover showing scoring at what would be the top when installed (Oil fill hole for reference) Closeup of cover scoring Basket grooves I'm about to shamefully file flat
  2. MakeItWork

    Clutch Basket Scratching Inner Crankcase Cover

    To tell the truth, can't say for sure whether the basket is stock, the previous owner did a good amount of modding but didn't mention that. Really appreciate the quick replies guys, got hope for this thing now. I'll be sure to post once I have the crankcase cover off
  3. Hey guys, longtime lurker first time poster, apologies for being a little wordy here but I want to be sure to explain why I'm putting up a post so similar to several I've already checked here. First things first, bought a used 1990 CR250R. Long story short I was doing a clutch tear-down, found the basket severely notched, gotta go. I went to remove the basket through the clutch cover as per the service manual and found that the upper basket was trapped by the upper wall of the crankcase. I know that there are many posts saying that the crankcase cover must be removed despite the service manual instructions and I was ready to take this extra step when I noticed that the basket had actually worn a groove from rubbing against the ceiling of the crankcase cover adjacent to it. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but the bottom line is that the basket is about 1/16 - 1/8 of an inch too high in relation to the crankcase cover resulting in physical contact between the two at the base of the basket. So heres my question: Why is by basket striking the crankcase cover? How to I avoid my replacement basket doing the same? There is no play in the center post holding the basket and the positioning of the crankcase cover seems pretty rock-solid and nonadjustable, its almost as though the contents of the crankcase have somehow shifted an eighth of an inch north in this otherwise mechanically solid machine. Really confused. Anyone else seen anything like this? At the very least, is there an alternative crankcase cover out there that might accommodate this new geometry? Thanks a lot for reading all this. John