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  1. u can disassemble the blue part from the cap, then remove the clicker part and make a newer at lathe
  2. wtf!!!!!!! is easy make 2 bushing with POM a kind of plastic at lathe
  3. 220 damping side 320 on spring side that my favourite oil level
  4. i did it many of them on lathe , is so easy, make a new clicker bolt. send me a mail to zuccosuspension
  5. im using 2mm bleed on the mv
  6. no, check the o ring
  7. psf is the kayaba air psf fork. when u did supermoto fork , and put a spacer for lowering, with 2,4 bar fork will have less sag then , 2,4 bar mx fork
  8. i did psf kyb for supermoto, need a spacer as normal fork, but u have different front sag then normal length fork, AT SAME PRESSURE
  9. 0.47 fork spring for 80kg rider on crf 250 0.46 on cr 250
  10. cause in italy on hardground more faster u go, more faster u will hurt the bump, if u use a lot of hs with same faceshim then a beginner u will feel harsh fork
  11. flat side on shim
  12. sorry reb is 20.10x2 12.10 18.10 16.10 14.10 12,10 11.20
  13. 1x Valve 10x 30 0.10 1x 28 0.10 1x 26 0.10 1x 24 0.10 1x 22 0.10 1x 20 0.10 1x 18 0.10 1x 16 0.1 1x14.010 6x12.20 1x 30.50 2.00 midvalve 20.10x4 17.10x4 float 0.20
  14. i did a lot of 3 chamber wp, and i have different air piston then oem, no air failure, if u need info pm me
  15. the european version have 18 faceshim on compression 44.20x18 and 0.20hs , with a faster rebound, 2 crossover 28.10+24.10