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  1. RedBlack

    2013 300xc-w 110/90-18 tire

    Thanks for the replies! I tried to get it on last night and after about 10 minutes I decided it would work but its not worth the hassle. The sidewalls are very stiff since there is less thereof which made it extremely difficult to even start it on the rim. I can't imagine how difficult the final seating of the bead would be. Oh well I'll return it for the right size. It was good practice getting the old tire off and back on thought. Im getting better every time. I just added ice screws for today's sloppy ride. Cheers!
  2. RedBlack

    2015 KTM 300 XC-W finally here! Lots of pics!

    Point View Cycle rules! Its less than a mile from my house! Josh, Jason, and Chip are good honest dudes! Hard to find buisnesses like that anymore! I bought a 300xc-w from them a few months ago. Extremely happy! Enjoy!
  3. RedBlack

    2013 300xc-w 110/90-18 tire

    Hello, I have a very quick question. I ordered what I thought was the stock tire and size from rocky mountain atv and didn't realize until I recieved it in the mail that I ordered a 110/90-18 instead of the stock size of 110/100-18. Will this tire work and fit on my bike? It is the stock Dunlop Geomax 51 but it is a slightly smaller sidewall.... If I remember correctly. Thanks fir your time!
  4. RedBlack

    Hanging Idle for the 2nd time

    I've found the problem. I loosened the clamps and turned the carb to remove the 17mm cap at the bottom. I cleaned the pilot out and the main jet out. Everything looked normal. After re-installing the jets and the cap, I noticed that the intake boot on the engine side of the carb was torn..... I ended up having to pull the carb off anyway to get to that boot. Its on order from my local KTM store. Luckily, I don't like riding through mud or water. It could have been catastrophic.
  5. RedBlack

    Hanging Idle for the 2nd time

    Thanks for the replies!! My gut feeling is that its my pilot. I probably got a bad batch of fuel or something slipped past my air filter or fuel filter. Im going to clean the pilot today and see what happens. I will also check my cables, its never a bad idea anyways. I hate having to fuss with the Carb on these bikes... Its not incredibly difficult but it's just tight. My buddy has a 300xc and im always jealous seeing how easily he can clean and make jetting adjustments to his Carb. Ill post my findings once im done. Thanks again guys!
  6. Hello fellow thumpers! I have a 2009 450 XC-W. Love the bike, haven't had any major problems since purchasing the bike used with around 35 hours. No smoking, no oil transfer - just some great trail riding and hill climbing fun! I keep my bike extremely well maintained. I change the engine oil every 5 hours and trans oil every 10. I clean the air filter every 5 hours too. I really don't want to have to do a rebuild for a long time. When I first got the bike, I was experiencing the notorious hanging idle. I asked a knowlegeable guy at the local KTM dealer and he said to drain the fuel off from the carb every ride and to use StarTron fuel additive with every tank of fuel. Suprisingly, this worked! This past winter, I installed a JD jet kit, checked the valves - they were spot on, changed spark plug, did the oil pump mod, and went over the rest of the bike. I've ridden nearly 20 hours since then with regular maintenance. Last weekend, I went on a long trip and put around 80 hard miles on the bike. Near the end of the trip, I started getting that annoying hanging idle again. I figured it was probably because I had been in alot of dust and the air filter was dirty. I did NOT get any excessive mud or water up into the air box though. After getting home, cleaning the bike, cleaning the air filter, and draining off the carb, I still have the hanging idle. I tried fussing with the fuel screw but it made to difference so I put it back where it was. Can anyone shed any light on this? Could I have possibly gotten some dirt in the carb? Should I start by a good carb cleaning? I really don't think its jetting related because the bike was running superb and the temp hasn't changed significantly, nor has my elevation. It has gotten to be a bit more humid though. Maybe my valves are due? To my knowledge, they have never been adjusted. Like I said, I did check them somewhere around 20 hours ago and they were spot on. Not sure if this could a factor? It starts very easily still. Basically I've tried all the easy stuff that I know of, and don't want to dive into teardown mode until I have a bit better of direction. Any ideas?? Thanks guys!
  7. We enjoy reading them! I just watched a How-To youtube on the valve adjustment for these motors. I thought it would more of a little more of a challenge than that! Additionally, I can see from the video that installing the new shafts during my valve adjustment would certainly be a move in the right direction. Thanks again for the advice! By the way, here is the video I watched on the valve adjustment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6i2-TxVKYg I feel it is a pretty good how to, although I would want to do more cleaning underneath the gas tank than was shown.
  8. Hodakaguy, Thank You once again for another excellent how-to! I just finished doing your oil pump/water pump seal mods on my '09 450. Write up was very straight up forward. This one looks the same. I might have to look into this project - my bike just rolled over 50hrs and the valves haven't been looked at. Might be a great time for improvements!
  9. RedBlack

    KTM 450 XC-W 2009

    Twist them throttles!
  10. RedBlack

    KTM 450 XC-W (2009)


    Twist them throttles!
  11. Greeting from up north! It's cold up here and we have lots of snow but that doesn't keep me off my dirtbike! Question for you single track hill climbing woods freaks like myself: We all know that the modern 200/250/300 2T setup is just fantastic. The lug ability of the motor on tight stuff is just downright amazing. I'm currently riding a 2009 KTM 450 XC-W and I love it to death but I'm looking for a back up bike to accent my riding. Ideally I would run this 450 and a 200xcw but we all know money is tight and you can't always get what you want... at least that's how the song goes right? I really have been thinking about investing in a cheap Japanese 125 (cr, rm, yz) just a straight up beater. Yes, a 250 is wayyyyy better for what I'm going for but people always want to much for them even when their beaten beyond death! I see 125's on CL all the time that people are just giving away and that's what got my brain gears turning! I've seen near mint looking 125's here in Ohio for less than $1000 and even if they need a complete rebuild you still have both you kidneys! With low low gearing, 18" rear wheel (maybe they already have these stock? I don't know...), HUGE flywheel weight, basic mods (jetting, pipe, reeds, ect), and suspension goodness - can these bikes make the team????? By the way I'm 6' even, and 175lb Thanks for reading! Please share your feelings!
  12. RedBlack

    Wolfman Luggage Packs

    Im thinking about the Enduro Tank bag. I've read so much good things about it. Im a little concerned that it may get in my way on single track and during intense hill climbs
  13. Im looking at investing in some wolfman luggage packs for 450 xc-w. My cousin has one on his drz400 and im very impressed with the quality. They have so many choices of packs and im having a hard time deciding which one(s) to go with. My xr250 had a pack mounted just behind the seat and I was happy with it. The ktm doesn't seem to have the room for a pack in that area. I do a lot of hill climbing and tight single track so a large pack will not work. Has anyone tried out the front fender pack?
  14. RedBlack

    New to me '09 450 XC-W

    I also put the djm cam chain tensioner on a few months ago because that chain slap was annoying. Im very impressed. From what I hear, the JD jet kit is a must have. I really am not. Big modify everything I can kinda Guy but if its a worthwhile improvement of reliability, Ill do it. My only concern is that Carb - I've rebuilt plenty of carbs but this fcr is really packed in there!
  15. RedBlack

    New to me '09 450 XC-W

    The 450xcw is a slick bike. Its a little heavy for the tight technical woods singletrack that we hit often but Im liking it. I wouldn't worry about the top speed. It will blow your ball cap off don't you worry! Just yesterday I finished the oil pump mod that hodakaguy has in the sticky here, and a high flow ktm improper kit. Got most of the bearings greased and the clutch bled. Still have a few things to button up but its coming along.