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    CRF Exhaust Question??!!

    Hi guys. Thanks for your speedy and knowledgeable replys! I do have an FMF muffler on, just with the stock header pipe and i want to keep it as a single pipe. I just seen a used powerbomb on ebay at just under half price of new so thought it was worth asking the question. Guess il just have to fork out for a new one! Thanks for your help guys. I will definitely be useing this site for future problems and questions i have!
  2. scottie541

    CRF Exhaust Question??!!

    Hi there guys and girls! Im brand new on here and looking for some advise! My question is... I have an 04 CRF 250R which has a 06 engine in it due to mine blowing up. Im looking at an FMF Powerbomb on eBay for an 07 bike. Will this fit? Are all the front pipes the same on these bikes? I know they changed the the engine layout last year but will all pipes previous to that be the same? Thanks