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  1. petrolhead_19

    Bike wont start :(

    yeah letting air in is what i meant mate, and thats right what i thought about the float height. Everything is ready to put back together now just waiting for the o ring
  2. petrolhead_19

    Bike wont start :(

    Brilliant thats what i thought cause it will be letting air out so wont vacuum properly and pull the slider up stopping fuel from getting through properly. I am waiting for the o rings to be delivered now so will double check the float height as you said, i believe it should be 12 to 14mm from the flat part of the bowl to the top of the float is this correct? Thanks for you help mate
  3. petrolhead_19

    Bike wont start :(

    Just had the carbs apart and set the float height, i noticed when i took the diaphragm off that the little o ring is missing, what affects will this do?
  4. petrolhead_19

    Bike wont start :(

    when i had head off all valves were seated as they should be and tested if there any leaks i checked this by turning the head upside down and putting petrol on top of the vavles to cover them and there was no petrol getting through so everything ok there. Valve clearances are fine and valves open as they should. Not done a compression test as the automatic compression valve give an inaccurate reading so need to find a leak down tester some were. I did how ever take the plug out and put my hand over the plug hole and it is giving a strong compression and also can feel the thump from the exhaust. I tried the turning the tap off and wide open throttle but still didnt start, but this could be down to the battery? I am going to take the carbs off today and sort the float height out. Will also double check timing and valve clearance. Not sure why it had head gasket problem maybe just wear and tear, the bike was running a month ago before the guy stopped riding it due to the head gasket. Anything else i could get? Adam
  5. petrolhead_19

    my drz400s

    i swapped it for my car mate, couldn't afford to keep my car going to had to get rid, only paid £500 for my car so bike only cost me the price of car
  6. petrolhead_19

    my drz400s

    Here is my drz picked it up over a week ago rebuilt the engine but trying to get it started now, its a work in progress so doesnt look much at the moment and is only set up for fields at the moment, will be making it road legal........if i ever get it started lol
  7. petrolhead_19

    Bike wont start :(

    Hey guys im new here come over from drz400uk forum. Now the problem i am having, i got the bike just over a week ago with a head gasket problem, now i have replaced the headgasket, oil and oil filter, cleaned the carbs. Put the bike back together tried to start it and all im getting is it back firing now and again. Now the questions people are going to ask. I have checked the timing 3 times now all seems bang on inlet cam with #3 straight up and lobes at 10 o'clock and exhaust cam with 2 straight up with lobes at 2 o'clock. I have spark checked that against the frame pulled the plug away from the frame about an inch and was getting a good blue spark jumping from plug to frame. I am getting fuel as it wouldnt be back firing if i wasn't. Now when i was cranking the bike the earth leads were getting hot, i have since put a secondary earth lead from the battery to the earthing point which has stopped the leads getting hot (4 guage wiring) I tested the battery and it is dropping to 10.4v when cranking, i tested the reg/rec and stator and they are both giving correct ohms and continuity. I am suspecting its over fueling but not sure, if i leave the bike sat for around 5 minutes fuel will come out of the carb over flow, now when i had the carbs off to clean them with them upside down the float tongue didnt touch the needle, should it touch? The tongue did look a bit high to me to be honest. Im getting a bit annoyed with it now everything i do just seems to not work Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the essay lol Thanks Adam