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  1. You need a new battery...
  2. Retrotrials.com has a bunch of old and new trials videos.
  3. Just my .02. When changing visors keep fasteners loose. Close and wiggle a little, check seal, tighten fasteners. Chin skirts work well, are a hassle getting helmet on and off. Built in snot wipe... I use Buff Headgear under my lid in winter.
  4. Hawaii

    Nice gnarly stuff you guys ride!
  5. Double check your cable routing
  6. That's a rog E.Marq! An Epic Issue indeed...
  7. TonyTouch check PM...
  8. TonyTouch. That's the same kit I got. The parts came in ziplocks and wrapped in newspaper. A California newspaper. APE retainers, Suzuki keepers, CV4 seals. I don't know who made the valves or springs. That set my short hairs up and I emailed Kevin. 30% restocking fee was his answer... I really hope this works out.
  9. TonyTouch. What valve kit did you get? I ordered a kit from Epic that I am afraid to install.
  10. Got the Mod Bug? Gear up and be careful CB...
  11. Ground fault? Sounds lika short...
  12. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Save up for valves, cam chain... lots more to a rebuild than cylinder, piston, and rings.
  13. Did you clean pilot jet? Really clean it? Is the vacuum line from carb to fuel switch hooked up?
  14. Ride more! Battery Tender...