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  1. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    Thanks for your help guys, the gaskets seemed to take. Had the bike out for a bit today & it ran fine except for a lot of afterfire. Compressions back to 75lbs, & it starts after 2 - 3 kicks. I reading that the after fire is most commonly caused by lean mixture or exhaust leak. When I took my exhaust off it didn't have a gasket. There was a copper & steel gasket with my kit I put the steel one on. Any thoughts?
  2. Rule out the spark plug & valve clearance first because these things dont cost big bucks!
  3. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    Well if my gauge is off by 10lbs that would bump my bikes 78lbs compression to 88lbs. The gauges needle is not so precise that your going to notice a big difference between 88 & 90. I know I can rule out any carbon on the piston because I just put on a new piston & had a valve job done. Either way my gauge is still relevant because immediately after rebuild I record what my compression is measuring in at. Anytime I measure after this is compared to the first reading to determine if there is a drop.
  4. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    I get challenged every time I quote these numbers but here goes. The compression numbers I gave were for my 89 cr250 (2 stroke) 200+lbs (140lbs after blowin a gasket). I believe my 07 CRF450R (4 stroke) should come in at 90lbs; after blowing the gasket in measured in at 70lbs.
  5. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    I got the CRF450 back together with new base & head gasket. Takes 5 to 8 kicks but she starts & no coolant in the oil so far. I had to change the oil twice to clean out all the coolant; the colour is perfect now. Big test is when I take her out for a run. Both my bikes started after the rebuild & ran well in my backyard but when I took them out to the trail to open up that's when the gaskets were really tested.
  6. I have an 07 & my manual said the same thing. The bike is 5 years old & because I bought it used I was worried that I'd blow the motor if I didn't rebuild the top end. Long story short the guy that honed my cylinder said the stock pistom looked fine. The manual does specify 15hr rebuild if you race.
  7. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    Well guess what, because I've been working on my CRF450R & had to go riding this weekend with my 89 CR250R which also had a recent top end rebuild. The bike started fine, it seemed to hesitate at high RPM but man that front end comes up fast when she's running right. After going up and down the street a few times her system seemed to clear up & run smooth up the full RPM range so I went for a longer ride. Got about a mile up the road & she stalled, my compression went from 220 to 140lbs. I guess it has to be another gasket issue but why am I blowin gaskets left & right. Is it common on an engine rebuild to not get a a good seal on the first shot? I didn't use a torche wrench on the cr250 but I did on the CRF450.
  8. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    I figured the gasket would catch anything that gets past the dowel. The dowel is surrounded by gasket but I've been wrong before.
  9. eaceti

    Engine hard to turnover.

    First time I reassembled my motor on my 07 had the same issue. Timing was off & the valve was hitting the piston. Moved the chain two teeth a problem fixed. Timing was a bitch to get had to redo it a few times. Seems simple enough but you only really get the hang of it after doing it a few times.
  10. eaceti

    Help! crf450r

    Ground the plug & kick it over, if your getting spark the electrical should be ok. You could test the wiring with a multimeter, I dont think you need multiple testers. Did you double check your timing? That is a cheap & easy fix.
  11. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    Thanks for the info. I'm looking the manual & diagrams up & down & the only place a leaking seal on the water pump can contaminate is the transmission oil not the engine oil. The first spot the coolant meets the cylinder is where the cylinder mates to the crankcase. For coolant to get into the oil the cylinder gasket has to be leaking. New base & headgaskets are installed, gonna clean & reassemble the carb then post up the results.
  12. Yes, yes you do. nuf said!
  13. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    I put two new gaskets on & put the motor back together. I inspected the cylinder & head & didn't find any damage or warpage but this may require a closer look by an engine builder. Gonna start it again this week & see if it was the gaskets; if I still get coolant in the oil then I'll move to the waterpump. I want to eliminate the gaskets cause the waterpump seals require removing the crankcase cover & ordering more gaskets which take a while to arrive. I never did notice any coolant or oil coming from the weep hole. I'll post up the results but if anyone else has any advice I'd appreciate hearing it.
  14. eaceti

    coolant in the engine oil

    I haven't checked that yet, the reason being after ready the message boards it seems a leak there would put coolant into the transmission oil not the engine oil. I'll have a look today.
  15. I have 2007 CRF450R this year I put in a new piston and rings. Had a shop do a valve job; new SS intake valves, new stem seals allround. Put the engine back together & she wouldn't start so I fixed up the timing & she started. My problem: Brought the bike to the cottage & she started ran fine. After shutting her down I tried again & she wouldn't start anymore. I took out the carb, then I noticed coolant in the engine oil (gearcase oil is fine); a nice milky beige. Today I took the cylinder head off again thinking I blew a gasket. On first inspection the gasket looks fine?!?! I don't know what to do next when everything looks fine, what could be my trouble?