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  1. My 08 at 115hrs needed new intakes. But from what I have read and researched its hit or miss with that year CRF. I can't speak for anything newer.
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone. -At the rear axle it has about 10mm of play, at the point that I'm questioning (linkage connects to the frame, not the swing arm pivot point) it has about 1-2mm of play. -Willybilly, the spherical bearing, (helm joint), at the top of the shock is still in pretty good shape but I went ahead and attempted to install a new Pivot Works bearing in the top of the shock. It was a little tricky but not to bad. The only problem I ran into was the the outer race on the bearing had the wrong angles cut into it, the angle was alot smaller than the stock one. So this did not allow the bearing to slide in far enough to expose the the circlip groove. So after playing with that for a few minutes I just reinstalled the old one. Thank god I have a press. lol. I will be calling Pivot Works tomorrow asking them if this has happened before. -But as for that play, it is definetly coming from the linkage moving in and out of the point where it bolts to the frame. So I'm thinking it either the bolt, the mounting holes on the frame or a mix of both.
  3. I'm affraid that is the route I'm going to have to go with. I was just hoping that maybe somebody else has come across this problem, so that way I could see what they did to remedy the situation. Thanks MXandSXracer21
  4. The bolts looked to be in pretty good shape. I was wondering the same thing though. I know on the microfiche it does NOT list a bushing for the backside of the frame.
  5. I have a 2008 CRF450R with about 140Hrs on it. I've finally gotten around to some much needed TLC. I replaced the shock and linkage bearings but I noticed that there was alot of play coming from the wholes in the back side of the frame at the point where the linkage bolts in. I noticed this after I had put in the new bearings. So my question is, has any one ever had to replace the bushings on the frame??