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  1. Seriously...you don't know the differences between Sweden and the US? Oh, Portland....never mind, carry on.
  2. Your country has ...slightly different demographics than the U.S. does. Bless your heart for being happy that you live where you do. ETA: US health care costs are around $3.4 Trillion dollars...divided up equally that means $9,000 per man, woman and child. we have 122,000,000 tax payers, so the bill for each would be almost $28,000 per individual or $56,000 per couple...many of us cant really afford that much.
  3. How does not having insurance work with Obamacare? I was under the assumption that you had to have insurance inorder to comply with the law. Are racers ineligible to purchase through an exchange, or do they just choose not to and pay the fine?
  4. Probably due to one of three things. 1) they built a cheap AR using the cheapest parts available and only have $500 into the thing...but want to convince someone who does not know any better that its worth $1500 (it looks like a $1500 one to the untrained eye), and make some serious profit. 2) they built an AR using crappy but overpriced parts before they knew any better, and now that they know they have crap and cant sell it for what they paid they want to trade it off to someone who does not know any better. 3) They traded their bike for a crappy AR thinking it was worth a lot more than it really is, and they want try to recoup their loss by trading it to someone else who does not know any better. AR's are a dime a dozen right now, lots of cheap ones rolling around.
  5. This was what I was thinking... The ruts at Unadilla are so deep I do not think i would even attempt to ride that course at a slow pace after the second moto, much less race on it, its pretty gnarly. They water the track and take care of a few areas...but that's just because they really need to.
  6. I need a front axle for a 1993-1994KDX200, with the USD forks. I have searched all over and can't find the part. It is only used those two years, and the earlier ones and later ones look different. Does anyone know if there is a part from some other bike that will work?
  7. I could use a code, will reciprocate when mine comes. Thanks in advance.
  8. Had a DVR issue yesterday and missed out on round 3, I am not able to find any re-showings NAND was wondering if there is anyplace that recording of these races exist online or something?
  9. I have flagged at the Unadilla national several times, as well as the Broome Tioga national when it was still going on.
  10. I run 75% Lucas with 25% benol...just because I like the way it smells. I ran my 250sx for two years, and when I tore it down it was still perfect, no crud on power valves either.
  11. Yup, Syracuse is going to be your best bet for airport, it will probably have the most flights in and out for better options. You can stay in Utica, or you can stay in Norwich which is only about 15 miles from the track. If you stay in Norwich get a room at the Howard Johnson's. Bring comfortable hiking shoes, a folding chair and an umbrella. It's a long walk around the track, up big hills and some difficult terrain but there are some spots that give incredible views.
  12. I cut mine along the back with a pair of tin snips. I also drilled holes in them and ran a couple zip ties through to hold it back together and make it more sturdy. Use black ties and it is almost unnoticeable.
  13. He was a machine through those whoops (hoops, lol).
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