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  1. hey guys ... just looking for alittle insight on my situation ... i got an 04 kx250f on a trade the other day and it seems the carb is filling with to much fuel and flooding the engine out ive been doing some research and i have decided that a jd jet kit and carb rebuild kit will be ordered and installed asap!! i have taken the carb out and am going to clean it throughly and also am going to measure the float height as soon as i get a chance ... am i headed in the right direction or what?? anyone have any helpful ideas ?? .. it starts 1st /2nd kit .. runs for maybe 20-30sec then bogs down .. i turn off gas// drain the fuel from the carb through the drain screw on the bottom // turn fuel back on and it kicks right over but only to flood out and stall again ...any ideas??? help me p p p pleaasseeee