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  1. That's so awesome !! Bike looks amazeing good job
  2. Wow those are great looking results love that 125 you would love my mx360 it's a 72 motor looks like it's been painted but it's all oem has like zero hours on her
  3. I no a old racer he said back in the 70s they where experimenting on early yamahas one year they did a motor and did not heat paint it said they where locking up motors he said the black paint helps keep it cooler while bare metal cylinders where over heating makes not sense rite but they are studies that show heat coating help disapate heat my evenily
  4. They come painted black from factory my old elsinore was red motor and in was always curious of the same thing since they used a laquir back then
  5. No I'm not splitting the cases again motor is almost all reassembled I just want it to look nice I race it not show it haha
  6. Like assemble the hole motor and just spray it and bake it ? I must look into this further any links and ya she's gonna flip out if she sees me doing that haha
  7. Anybody do any restorations just wanna do a all black paint job on my 78yz400 motor while I'm rebuilding it be nice to spruce her up had bad troubles in pat with rattle can gas just eats it up rite away if anyndrips from carb and head and cyl discoloration almost immediateatly when I hi temp painted pipes any help !
  8. I no one wanted a pursang for years really a dream come true to get two of them and one is just in amazeong condition really nice stuff both matching model 48 pursangs
  9. I figured i was just confused about mk3 referring to matador also with pursang but 48 would designate pursang only then just wanna make sure the motor is correct
  10. I get the vin I'd I'm just confused how to tell by the vin if it's a matador or lursang or lobito I have a 2 what I bealive. To be 1968 pursang 250 mk3 bultacos m 4800862 matching frame also
  11. Well my cases are already combined and new bottom end installed bike shifted fine prior I never tried to do it by hand though
  12. How'd you install the bearings ?
  13. Did bottom end on my 78 yz400 I've am I crazy but I can shift to second and the gears spin.fine but up to 3rd it only spins half way almost's hitting something same symtem threw fifth back down seconds and then everything spins fine by spin I meen I can turn the clutch spline and it spins the spline for the counter sprocket , I made care not to mess with the tranny I no it's in there correct, I hope is it by chance have anything to do with installing and removing the detent at a certain time or gear
  14. Here's her today I live this bike haha street legal and brand new everything even bolted on one of those trick looking old answer carbon fiber silencers and a full modern yz250 front end less the rim and brake set ups are all super moto set ups custom fit pain in the but retro fitting a 95 to use modern parts so much time in the machine shop haha
  15. Some progress