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    Sporty and fun. Lots of available accessories and a great 4 wheel drive system. Fit and Finish not as good as the Jap bikes, so I dropped one star
    Sporty and fun. Lots of available accessories and a great 4 wheel drive system. Fit and Finish not as good as the Jap bikes, so I dropped one star
  2. Oil injection, Beta quality, fairly light weight, magic button. Hell, YES!! I'm going to buy one just because i've been waiting for an oil injected 2-stroke for so long. I for one, am excited about this offering.
    This clutch makes the bike amazing. Nothing like crawling up a technical steep single track and not worrying about the bike stalling... yet it still has a usable clutch with great feel.
    Love this bike. The fuel injection is spot-on and the suspension is amazing. A little on the heavy side, but I'm a big dude and I can throw it around just fine.
  3. Yep, tried it.... No dice.
  4. You can find them here in the states, but you will pay a little bit more money..... You're right though... this is a big PIA. Yesterday I finally had enough and called my local dealer and asked if they could order the part for me at cost... and they actually had one in stock. They told me to bring the bike down and I could use it for free. They even let me use their sniffer and set the CO to dead-on 5%. I left it there for valve adjustment, but it came to life with the first button press now! If anyone wants this VD001 p.o.s. pay the shipping and I'll give it to you for free. Out.
  5. Thanks Boston!
  6. WR4502012, Can you please post a link to the tool you ordered? (and the connection cable) I'm already in for the $88 tool that didn't work, so I might as well buy another one and hope it works.... I did a search for 90890-03182 on Aliexpress, but it didn't come back with anything. Thanks.
  7. Nope... Just tried it...
  8. Well, got my diagnostic tool today finally.... and it doesn't work. Just shows "connecting" and then goes back to the menu as others have had happen. I even cut the plug down (since it doesn't click together anyway) so that I could physically see that the pins were making good contact into the performance ECU plug (picture attached). I have a theory.... Corkster was the first to report that he was able to buy this tool and make it work.... but... he ordered the unit for a Yamaha bike and then had to use the SYM cable that came with the laptop kit. I am wondering if these units, although they all look the same, have programming flashed into the memory to work for specific bikes?.?. That would explain why those of us that ordered the SYM unit in order to get the correct cable are having issues with it not working, but Corkster bought the tool specific to Yamaha and it worked fine once he got the SYM cable. Thoughts?? Am I crazy?..... or just pi$$ed off.
  9. Interesting that you ordered the tool for the SYM machines (in order to get the correct connection cable) and ended up with the Yamaha tool.... ? Looks like you've got it made though, power that bad boy up and hopefully you have no "connecting" issue. Mine is shown to deliver tomorrow, so I will report how/if it works, and which one I ended up getting
  10. Once again, nice work Boston. At least those of us that bought the Chinese POS will have a plug that we can use for the Yamaha unit. Maybe we should split the price and just send this from person to person? Once the adjustment is made, it shouldn't need to be tweaked again.... right?
  11. If this happens to mine, I will cut off the plug that comes with the diagnostic tool, and solder on small alligator clips, so I can clip directly onto the pins inside the Yamaha ECU plug and ensure that there is a good solid connection. If it does indeed end up being the crappy Chinese plug, then I will build an adapter that uses the end from the GYTR tuner to ALSO connect the diagnostic tool. At least we all know the GYTR plug works.
  12. Great info Boston! Mine is supposed to show up any day now, so I will make sure to check the pins if i'm not getting any connection.