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  1. stoneflyMT

    My 2001 XR400

    Thanks I6CJ7! I'll give it a shot this week. Went for a great ride yesterday on the XR. I just love this bike. I have been noticing lately that once it gets warmed up I have a real hard time finding neutral. From my research it seems that the clutch cable and/or clutch lever adjustment is often the culprit, but I inspected mine and couldn't find any issues. I also noticed yesterday that if I really hammer the throttle it can be difficult to change gears. A coupe of times I couldn't shift from third to fourth, and then from fourth to fifth without really slowing down and being very deliberate about it. Never had that problem before, and it only seems to happen if I'm really accelerating fast. Oil level is fine and was changed less than 500 miles ago. No problems shifting if I ride it like an old lady. Any thoughts?
  2. stoneflyMT

    My 2001 XR400

    The seat is very comfortable. It was on the bike when I purchased it, and I have the original Honda seat, but I'm quite content with the SDG. I seem to split my riding about 50/50 standing/sitting, and even on extended rides I have no complaints about soreness from the saddle.
  3. stoneflyMT

    My 2001 XR400

    Howdy folks! Thought I'd chime in with pics and specs on my 01 XR400. Really, really love this bike. Only complaint is it can be a bit difficult to start to sometimes. I have a tendency to flood it before it actually fires up. I purchased it back in March and the previous owner did a great job of modding it. The only things I'm thinking about adding are a larger tank and a rear rack. I already added some higher bars. The bike rides like a dream over any terrain. Plated and street legal here in MT. specs: Tusk D-Flex handguards Renthal ATV Hi-bend bars Renthal grips Trail Tech Endurance odo/speedo IMS Pro Series footpegs Skid plate XR's Only header XR's Only stainless muffler Taillight/brakelight SDG seat Eibach Fork Springs 0.45 Eiback shock spring 10.0 (anyone know how to adjust this spring/preload?) XR's Only magnetic oil drain plug XR's Only rear brake disc guard UNI air filter Dunlop 606 front Maxxis IT rear.
  4. stoneflyMT

    noob intro

    thanks for the info guys, I really appreciate it. I've been searching for a bike for quite a while now, and was about ready to pull the trigger on a very used KLR 650, and then this thing popped up and I jumped on it. Different beast from the KLR, but based on the riding i've done the last two days, this thing is going to be a really fun bike. Just might be the perfect SW Montana play bike.
  5. stoneflyMT

    noob intro

    here's another question for you... what is this thing? It's underneath the rear fender, and it's a jack/connection of some kind that has a dust cover over it. I'm new to the 230 club, and I don't know what it's for.
  6. stoneflyMT

    noob intro

    Here are some pics of the bike. I guess they all look the same before they've been modded. I'm thinking of painting all of the red plastic black, and the white pieces a nice dark green, with some accent lines thrown in here and there for effect.
  7. stoneflyMT

    noob intro

    Hey guys, just picked up an 06 crf230f. The thing is brand new, even though it's a 2006. Backstory is the Marlboro Ranch near Clyde Park, MT purchased this from a dealer so their ranch guests (contest winners) could use it during their stay. They decided it was too much of a liability before a guest ever rode it, and it sat in storage until last week. One of their managers posted it on the Bozeman craigslist, and I was lucky enough to be the first person to see it. I've been looking for quite some time for a decent play bike/summer commuter that was priced fairly. The bike came with a Baja Designs Dual Sport kit, so it's already street legal, and I got a nice helmet, and full motocross gear thrown in for free. Fortunately for me the guy who sold it is a stand up guy, because he received many calls after mine, and when he told them it was already sold they tried to offer more. He said one guy even offered him $700 more than his asking price, which was $1700. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked with the purchase. I've got a Trail Tech Vapor speedo/odo/tach computer on the way, and next spring I'll be swapping out the stock tires for something a little more pavement friendly. I'll be taking it up into the Tobacco Root mountains this weekend for some extended riding. Can't wait! Does anyone have any suggestions on a good tool kit that's put together for these bikes? I'd like to find something that I can either strap to the bike or throw in a backpack for trips into the backcountry.