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  1. YZjunkie

    YZ250F OR TXC310

    TXC310 i would think is better for trail riding for many reasons. From things like its already setup for trail riding to small things like the TXC310 would have 6th gear whereas the MX bikes generally dont. If you were goin to look at a big bore kit for the YZF you mite aswell buy the TXC I dont know prices over in the US but here in AUS you would be looking minimum $900 -$1000 AUD.
  2. YZjunkie

    money no object trailbike?

    450 or bigger mate, as Rearwheelin said don't go mx (even tho i have). My mrs' uncle has the 2010 husky TE510 great bike and still around the same weight of the WRF and CRF
  3. YZjunkie

    XR 400 or DRZ 400?

    Just got this from another thread, http://www.thumperta...ness-vs-xr-400/ Today's your lucky day...I have owned and ridden both. Both bikes are excellent trail bikes with superb reliability and low maintenance requirements. Power wise the XR pumps out about 33 hp stock compared to the DRZ's 40. The XR has a more linear power delivery where as the DRZ likes to be rev'd up a little more. The XR is of course air cooled which makes it great for slow single track compared to the water cooled DRZ. However I have not experienced any overheating with my DRZ E... in my opinion the XR carries it's weight much higher. The DRZ is actually a few pounds heavier but it is not noticeable as it is well balanced in the frame. The XR has a wider seat which gives the bike a broader feel. The DRZ is actually pretty slim when considering the type of bike it is.... Suspension wise...and this is a stock vs stock comparison....the XR is valved a little stiffer..the XR does not float through the rocks and roots like the DRZ...the XR will "zing" you a bit in the harsh chop...however the XR could handle the whoops a little better...but this is all relative. You will need to set up what ever bike you ride to your ridng style and to the conditions that you ride in. As far as riding MX...both are not MX bikes...that is not their intention. I did ride some MX with my XR and it could jump everything the MX bikes were jumping. I have not ran my DRZ on an MX track..and to be honest probably never will, but like the XR if you want to run some laps they are both capable. I have witnessed DRZ's with the lights taken off bustin laps with the rest.... The DRZ is built better in my opinion..the frame down to the foot pegs are just plain beefier...the XR seems to be designed in the play bike category with lighter components...example..I was always worried that I would sheer off a foot peg while jumping and I had a kick start lever break. Overall consensus...they are both great bikes. Carberation seemed to be more finicky on the XR but as with anything..a little tuning and the both run real strong. But I must admit I am really liking the E button. I can still remember kicking the old XR....[/font]
  4. YZjunkie

    XR 400 or DRZ 400?

    I would go the other way for me. DRZ being water cooled and electric start or even kick start and i believe a little more powerful (don't quote me on that). Im sure the out weigh each other in different aspects. Personal choice to be honest. If you have always liked the XR then go for the XR. If not too phased do a bit of research between the two. All in all both the DRZ and XR are very good trail bikes.
  5. YZjunkie

    02 yz 250 spitting oil when its cold?

    I wouldn't call it a test. I was just trying to say that i haven't had a problem with my bike running at that premix. That's all.
  6. YZjunkie

    02 yz 250 spitting oil when its cold?

    Yeah that's rite, its a bit hard for me to get out and ride with the shifts i work plus it takes me and hour and a half to get where i normally ride. Would love to ride more but really cant at the moment.
  7. YZjunkie

    250 or 450???

    250 2 stroke!! Now thats a real bike But do agree the 450 is the "lazier" not in power figure wise but for the fact that you dont need to ring its f#####g neck off.
  8. YZjunkie

    02 yz 250 spitting oil when its cold?

    you dont normally need to run them richer to be honest you can run the bike leaner then what they say. Most of them say run a mix of 32:1(litres) i would say you should be able to run the bike safley 40:1(litres). I run my 2008 YZ250 at this premix. Ive owned the bike since new and its done 42 hours and still going strong.
  9. YZjunkie

    Flywheel weight, what size?

    If you just mainly ride MX i would go for a 9oz but to be honest with the power outputs from these bikes it wouldnt really matter if you went 11oz or even a 13oz, all comes down to personal choice on how you want to ride the bike (if you went a 13oz the bike will have better traction compared to a 9oz but MAY not have the same power etc.) I ride ALOT in the bush but still ocassionaly ride at the track and i use an 11oz and that seems to go well in my 2008 YZ250.
  10. 40:1 Motul 800 2T been using this oil for few years now never had a problem. It does cost a bit here in Australia about 38 bucks for a litre.
  11. I have a 08 YZ250 and have just ordered FMF Gold Series "Fatty Moto" pipe, FMF Power Core II Silencer, and +11 oz. Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight. I would like to know what size jets would be recommended? If someone could help me out it would be great.