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  1. I drained the full tanks worth out today. It was fairly black. I'm going to mix it over 2 jerry cans worth of fuel to dilute it as much as possible. I have a the 2 day Cambrian Rally this weekend so hopefully it just passes through the bike with no problems.
  2. Ok here are a few pics. Before After As you can see the tank is nice and black. The only slight concern is that i put some petrol in it last night and when i poured it out today it was black I have now filled it up to the top and will leave it a couple of days, drain it and fill with fresh. Hopefully it will be fine then.
  3. Ok I dyed my KTM orange tank yesterday. Boiled it for 2 hours with 100g of Kemtex Disperse Dye Full Black EBT. Didn't need to add anything like salt to it and according to the guy I spoke to at Kemtex I could have done 2 or 3 tanks with that amount as the surface area of a tank is so small compared to clothing. Has come out a really dark black and I'll post up pics later as it was dark when I'd finished. Thanks so much for this thread guys You've saved me a fortune in not having to buy a black tank. End costs were £10 for the dye including P&P and £5 BBQ gas http://www.kemtex.co.uk/dispersedyes.html
  4. Interestingly spoke to these guys today http://www.kemtex.co.uk/dispersedyes.html and they said 100g would be way more than enough. If you think of the surface area of a tank compared with the surface area of all the fibres that make just one garment of clothing the difference is HUGE. They are sending me 100g and I'll be tackling the tank dye in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for all the info in this great thread.
  5. Dude which dye did you use out of interest?