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  1. YamaMan236

    450 coming off yz125??

    Sounds like some smoker fan boys. P.S. I know how to jet a bike, i just don't want to run a 50/1 mix and have a top end go out in less than 40 hours (not very cool during an expected 8 hour ride).
  2. YamaMan236

    450 coming off yz125??

    There is no such thing as smooth power on a two-stroke. I love them and I have owned a yz125 for almost 6 years. They are extremely unpredictable are always going full bore at all times. Two strokes make good riders into great riders but there is nothing smooth about them and they are definitely not even close to the smoothness of a big bore four stroke. If you want a two-stroke to be your woods bike, I hope you don't mind toting a wrench, an extra spark plug, and a can of started fluid everywhere you go.
  3. YamaMan236

    450 coming off yz125??

    I made that jump when I was 16. I took a long time for me to learn to respect the power of a 450f and actually become good at handling it safely. You can make a 450f anything yo want it to be a 50cc or a 450cc, but it has almost limitless power that can become extremely dangerous. Get your son a 250f before that large of a transition, I regret not doing it myself and by all means do not get him a 250cc smoker (Way more dangerous than a 250f-450f).