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    Tires and Levers

    I actually had my psi at 10-ish when I got it and It was pretty good. But my tires said 15 psi so i put that in, and it was really slippery. Then I looked it up and found out 15 is for motocross and they like it slippery, 13-14 is good for trails so i put in 13 and it was still slippery. I would like to put back in 10 but I have excel rims and am afraid to damage them. If I drive any more cautious I will be rolling lol.
  2. 01yz250

    Tires and Levers

    I noticed that as well, my front tire was always filled with mud. Unfortunately these are the only conditions I can really ride on. There are better conditions further away, but I have to ride the crappy conditions before I can get to the good conditions. I have rode 3 times and one was a very dry day which worked out well. But the last two times I did not make it past the crappy conditions. One I hit my finger on a rock and it was bleeding pretty good, and the second my brake lever snapped off so both times I had to go home. Do you recommend I suck it up and keep trying with what I already have. Or do you think I should purchase a new tire to make it a little easier? My friend who rides dirtbikes says my tire would be called garbage by any MX racer, but that it is not in desperate need of replacement. I will just buy a 20$ set of levers, but am on the fence about the rear tire. I think it would help but it seems like I need to figure this out the hard way.
  3. 01yz250

    Tires and Levers

    Hi all.. I recently bought a 2001 yz 250... I have had ATV's all my life and really want to switch to dirtbikes. I have been practicing for a few weeks now but have had some problems. Just recently I went trail riding in Maine (clay, dirt, mud, woods, sand trails) and it was like riding on banana peels. I have a fairly worn rear tire and was wondering if that was the reason. It is a Dunlope 739 I believe. I was planning on buying a new tire but if it is normal for this to happen I'd rather just suck it up and keep trying. My front tire looks brand new. Both tires are original tires from 01 with less than 40 hours of use. My 1st question is.. Can you recommend a good quality/durable tire for my trail riding needs? Do I need to buy both front and back together, my front tire looks good, and I assume back tires wear faster than fronts? Secondly, I had a spill and my brake lever stuck into the sand, I pulled the handle bars out of the sand and the brake lever was broken off. I am not even sure how this happened because it was so soft. I need a new lever, and I think I should just buy a set because I don't want it happening to the clutch lever. I've seen the unbreakable levers, but those are pricey. Is there a cheaper durable brand that anyone can recommend? Thanks!
  4. 01yz250

    2001 YZ250 What are the best reeds?

    Wouldn't making the pilot smaller make less gas flow? So how would that add power if it is using less gas? Here are Boysen claims: YZ250 01 stock 178 2 50 1 1/2 Power Reeds (6102) 178 2 48 1 1/2 PRO Series (PRO-157) 178 2 48 1 1/2 RAD Valve (RAD-34G) 175 3 50 1
  5. 01yz250

    2001 YZ 250 Chain and Sproket Question

    What is better DID 520 Xring, or Renthal 520 R3-2 O-Ring Chain? DID has the highest force in the 8 thousands, Renthal is only 7 thousand.
  6. Hi all, new to the site. I read a bunch of threads but still am not 100% positive how to set my suspension. I ride mostly MX and Trails. It is 100% stock. I am not sure what the settings are at now, but when I get home, I am going to adjust them all back to factory and go from there. I weight 150 lbs, and am 5'8. I am not sure what weight it is set to now, and will post photos and take measurements if need-be. I have read that my weight is not ideal for stock suspension, and right now my height does not fit the seat level (I think the guy before me adjusted the lock bolts on the rear shock to make the seat higher). Can you guys help me adjust my suspension and sag? Also, can you help me set my rebound and preload settings as well? I would like to not spend money on this, but if I need to buy a new spring can you provide a seller and a price? THANKS
  7. I'm new. I recently purchased a 2001 YZ 250. I mostly ride Trails and MX. I was wondering what size chain to get, and how many lbs it should be able to handle when doing jumps. Secondly, I was wondering what gearing, if not stock, would get me better low/mid end response. (Without losing any on top) Thanks